Can't Buy My Love
salad or something.”
    “I can see that. I’ve been thinking about offering some non-fried options.” He smiled a little. “I also thought it would be kind of fun if we had a kid area. Not a giant plastic playground or anything, but just some toys for the kids to play with.”
    Wow. Now he was even thinking about the local children? That was so sweet.
    “I think that’s a great idea. Maybe you could even hire some guy in a fish costume to come in on the weekends and visit with the kids.”
    I threw it out there, half kidding, but he nodded and his gaze turned considering.
    “That could be pretty cool actually. I’d like to see the place become even more kid friendly than it already is.”
    “Speaking of kids, do you remember that time when you caught that salmon while fishing off the beach? And I was sitting nearby tanning with my friends?”
    He gave me a thoughtful look. “Didn’t I come over and hold it over you or something?”
    “Um. Yeah. You got fish slobber all over me. It was pretty disgusting, but you thought it was hilarious.”
    He winced. “Sorry about that. I guess I was just being a teenage boy.”
    I laid my head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. “Oh it didn’t bother me at all. I was just thrilled that you were paying attention to me. I was half in love with you back then.”
    He stayed quiet for a moment. “What about now?”
    My pulse sped up. Oh God. How did I answer that?
    “I’m…not sure.”
    But I was. The longer I considered it, the more I figured to be half in love with him. If not darn near all the way, which made me both giddy and terrified at the same time.
    I would have analyzed it more, but then he moved his hand low on my hip and soon it curved between my legs. Thinking became a ridiculously hard chore.
    “I can’t get enough of you.” He teased his fingers into my folds, tapping my clit until I was squirming and wet. “The feel of you, the smell of you, the taste. Let me send you off to sleep with a smile on your face.”
    He shuffled under me, so I was on top of him. My pulse went into overdrive as he urged me upward until I straddled his head and gripped the headboard.
    “Ah, what a pretty view.” His hands held my hips. “Why don’t you lower yourself to my mouth, baby.”
    Groaning, I did. Moving downward slowly, he made the first wet stroke of his tongue between my legs. I whimpered, and he rewarded me with long, thorough licks. Dipping inside me and then sweeping up to flick my clit.
    “ Josh .” My fingers curled around the headboard. My hips lifted and fell against his tongue.
    “Oh yeah. Like that.” He lightly bit my swollen clitoris, and then drew the kernel of flesh into his mouth.
    I pressed down on his face as he suckled me, my body tensed when he teased the tiny hole between my ass cheeks.
    “Relax,” he murmured, and started to lick me again.
    He said it like it was an easy thing to do, but I was pretty much strung like a violin.
    His finger, wet with my arousal, sunk inside my smaller hole. The sensation was new to me, and not half-bad. It was a different kind of pleasure, this forbidden pressure of him stretching me out. Soon he added a second finger.
    The sensation grew stronger, and I knew I was going to lose it in a huge way. I gripped the headboard again, and with a loud cry, I came.
    Lights exploded in my head, shudders ripped through my body, and my thighs trembled. The whole time he kept licking me and pressing his fingers inside me. Finally he eased up, and I slid off and back down beside him.
    “Josh, you’re incredible.” I was absolutely smiling. “Shall I take a turn with you?”
    He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. “That was for you, baby.”
    “Thank you,” I murmured drowsily. “I’ll take that over a cup of warm milk before bed any day.”
    He laughed and reached over to turn off the light on the nightstand. Then he snuggled closer to me, his arms curled possessively around my waist.

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