Captured 3

Captured 3 by Lorhainne Eckhart Read Free Book Online

Book: Captured 3 by Lorhainne Eckhart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lorhainne Eckhart
Tags: romantic suspense
news off, hide the papers.” A hint of a smile touched her lips. “And I love you for it, but you can’t stick me in a glass house and think you can protect me from every bad and ugly thing out there. Yes, I still have nightmares. They come out of nowhere, but you’ve made it easier, because you’re here, and I just have to roll over into your arms and I know you’ll chase every bad thing away. I also have help. Dr. Blaney’s helped me to face every one of those nightmares, one by one, every week.”
    Maybe it was the way he was watching her that made her widen her eyes and say, “I know I’m not cured. I have a long way to go, but I also know the signs, Eric, and how to ask for help and where to go. If I know that, I’ll be okay.”
    She held his gaze, and he realized how wrong he’d been. She wasn’t weak or fragile—she was strong, courageous, and he loved her so much. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching out and touching, kissing, taking what was his. He was gentle at first, and then he turned, rolling with her on the bed so she was under him, her legs wrapped around his waist. With one arm, he swept his bag and maybe her glasses to the floor. It made a racket he thought might wake the kids, but when he paused and listened, he heard nothing. Abby ran her hands over his face and turned it back to her.
    “The kids are fine. They’re asleep, but I’m not.” She looked at him deeply, her light blue eyes letting him know she was his woman. There were no words for the depth of her feelings. They’d been together so many times, their bodies finding comfort in each other. He loved making love to Abby, although at times he was scared he’d hurt her.
    She reached between them, touching him, undoing his belt and his zipper, lifting his shirt from his pants, working each button one by one until his shirt opened and she could freely run her hands over his chest. Her touch was so light that it burned him. Two kids, a marriage, and the hell they’d been through had done little to douse the fire between them. He wanted her every bit as much as he had when he first married her on his ship.
    “It’s just us here, Eric,” she whispered when he broke the kiss.
    He lifted her up to pull off her shirt, unhook her bra, and pull off the rest of her clothes. He loved her body, how she looked lying under him. He pulled back and allowed his shirt to fall to the floor, and she lay on the bed, her blond hair spread around her head like a pillow. She opened her legs and just let him look at her, laid out there for him. She was giving herself to him again and again, and he took a second as he stood naked over her. He leaned over her on the bed, moving forward on his knees, sliding her up farther on the bed, her legs dangling over his hips. She moved her bottom closer to him, where he was hard and ready for her. He ran his hand up over her flat stomach, under the line of her breasts, where her bra had left an imprint. She sucked in a breath and slid her hands up over his arms, touching him, and he touched her breasts, her nipples, caressing her with his eyes, his hands down lower over her stomach between them, feeling how ready she was for him.
    Her gaze never left his as she took in every moment with him, drinking it in as if she would die of thirst. When he couldn’t take one more second of sweet torture, he moved over her, entering her at the same time as he claimed her mouth again, kissing her with his tongue, tasting her as he moved slowly, deeply. Holding her close to him was the sweetest, most sensuous feeling he’d ever had with Abby. Whatever happened, he would take this last time with him as he stepped into enemy territory.

Chapter 8
    “Do you understand what I’m saying?” Eric said. He was watching Taylor, who was slumped over on the sofa. Eric sat and rested his elbows on his knees. Mary-Margaret kept getting up, running into the kitchen for sugar and cream and he didn’t know what. Everything was an

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