Catalina's Caress

Catalina's Caress by Sylvie F. Sommerfield Read Free Book Online

Book: Catalina's Caress by Sylvie F. Sommerfield Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sylvie F. Sommerfield
Tags: Scan; HR; Antebellum South; Riverboat; Revenge
exhausted beside her, he couldn't understand the strange lack of completion he felt, as if something intangible were missing. He ignored itTThere had been too much tension in his life. Nina would help him ease it while he carried out the balance of his plans ... Damn, why did thinking of his plans conjure up a vision of a golden-eyed woman who had no place in his thoughts now?
    Nina stretched luxuriously. Marc was always satisfying. She had enjoyed no other man as she enjoyed him. That his lean hard body could stir her to such rapturous pleasure often surprised her.
    She rose and walked to Marc's wash stand, took his brush from it. Slowly she began to work through the tangles in her hair before she again coiled it into glossy ebony ropes wound at the nape of her neck.
    Marc watched with a great deal of pleasure, thinking that Nina had the most remarkable body he had ever seen. Their eyes met in the mirror, and both smiled.
    "It's good to have you back, Nina. I really have missed you."
    "Then why did you leave Natchez so suddenly? Only a note—'Sorry, Nina. I'll be in touch.'"
    "It was ... something I had no control over."
    "Why"—she turned to look at him—"do I let you walk in and out of my life whenever you choose? You just come and go like a shadow."
    He rose from the bed and went to her, bending to take hold of her arms and draw her up into his. They kissed slowly and very satisfactorily.
    "Because love," he whispered, "we're good together, and"—he kissed her again—"you are a delicious creature who's the damnedest hellion in bed I've ever had. And"—he laughed—"you're as wild and untamable as I am. We both cherish our freedom, Nina; that's what keeps us together. No chains, no ties, and no promises."
    "No promises." She wanted to say much more, to tell him that she had plans, that she intended to make their relationship much more permanent this time. But first she had to find some way to hold him ... for good.
    Marc walked away from her and began to dress, while Nina continued her toilette.
    They were both half-dressed when the door swung open. Nina's eyes sparked in quick anger when she saw the woman framed in the doorway. Marc was so taken by surprise that he stood completely still, the shirt he was about to put on held in his hands.
    "Well, Marc," Nina said coldly, "it appears you have company."
    Marc's unbelieving gaze met Catalina's disdainful eyes. Of all the people in the world Catalina Carrington was the last person he had expected to see.
    Catalina waited out the hours, her nerves stretched to the breaking point. The clock ticked away the minutes so slowly that she could hardly stand it.
    She looked at the small black satchel that contained the money. Would he accept it from her when he had refused it from Travis? It was a slim chance, but it was the only one they had. If he refused there was very little more that could be done and Seth would be left to face. ..
    She didn't want to think of it for deep inside she was afraid, afraid that her family would disintegrate before her eyes and that she would lose Seth. Hadn't she always been there for him? Well, she would be there now. She was certain Seth would do something foolish should Marc Copeland carry out his threat.
    Catalina refused to give any thought to Travis. He had supplied the money, but he had no claim on her. Yet he brought Marc Copeland to her mind.
    "What a despicable, hateful man he is," she muttered aloud. "But money seems to be important to him, and I suppose he enjoys seeing me beg. Whatever it takes to satisfy his demands, I'll just have to do."
    She moved through the quiet dark house as she heard the clock chime midnight, making her way to the back door. From there she must cross the wide inner courtyard, exit through another wrought-iron gate, and follow the cobbled drive to the carriage house. She expected to find the small closed carriage already harnessed and prepared for her. She had used the last of her small coins to bribe

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