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Book: Catalyst by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: Erotic Romance, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Shapeshifter
that held up her skirt and pulled it away, dropping it on the floor.
    Mae’s cheeks were scarlet as she sat there with only her bodice and the jewellery on her body. When he reached behind her and unfastened the bodice with one hand, her face should have been hot enough to melt metal.
    With a voice gone weak and breathy, she said, “Be careful with that dress, it is all I have to wear until I get my suit back from Dotha.”
    “It is out of danger but only just. I love that you get wet from a simple touch.” He nuzzled at her neck and breathed in deeply.
    She pushed at his shirt, and he removed it while sniffing her scent from her neck to her belly until he was breathing it in between her thighs.
    His breath on her sex encouraged her to spread her legs, and when he nuzzled at her folds, she whimpered out loud. The moment that the heat of his tongue parted her to dip inside, she felt a tremor that started in her core and spread outward. As he nipped at the bud of her clit, the tremor turned to sharp spasms and her hips jerked in response.
    Her voice broke as she whined and moaned her way through the first shocks of pleasure.
    Nothven backed away and stripped off his boots and trousers before re-joining her on the bed. She touched the scars that were as familiar to her as the passionate curve of his lips.
    It was time to enjoy the present, just a little.

Chapter Ten
    Nothven sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Mae into his lap. She smiled at the memory of something that was about to happen.
    She eagerly went into his arms, straddling him so that they were face to face as his erection slid into her in one long, slow thrust. They both groaned as the pleasure rippled through them.
    Mae kissed Nothven’s neck as he gripped her hips and controlled their pace. She clung to his shoulders and held on as their joining went from seconds to minutes to an endless round of satisfaction. She lost count of how many times her body tried to milk his, but he slowed and gritted his teeth each time until his breathing eased and he started again.
    She was coated in sweat and exhausted as he started to coax her body into one more response. Mae sensed his tension, and when he lifted her off him, flipped her to her belly, cupping her ass before spreading her thighs and plunging deep with a grunt, she knew his release was near.
    She pushed back against him, and he rocked inside her, his cock scraping her inner walls until her fingers dug into the bedding to brace herself as her body bucked against his.
    Nothven howled, and his teeth dug into her shoulder as his cock pumped within her, the hot jetting inside her eased the soreness caused by friction and kept her channel caressing his erection until he shuddered and collapsed against her.
    Mashed into the bedding, she fought to stay awake, and though she wanted desperately to keep alert, she failed.
    Mae woke tucked into pristine sheets with Nothven wrapped around her, spooning her.
    She whispered, “Something seems different.”
    He chuckled and pressed a kiss to her ear. “You were dead to the world, so I tidied up around you.”
    “Was there a particular reason that you were trying to kill me with sex, or is it just a hobby?”
    He stroked his hand down her ribs and settled it on the curve of her waist. “Later this morning, my family will be here to take charge of you until the formal ceremony. I wanted to make an impression on you and make sure that no other men in my clan get any ideas in regard to you.”
    Mae’s muscles stiffened. “I have to go to your family? I thought I would head back to the site.”
    “Not yet. For now, they will have two guards at all times, as well as the on-call historian.”
    “So, why do I have to go to your family?”
    “Because you have no family here, and it is traditional for a bride to remain with her family in the days leading up to the wedding, so my aunt and uncle will act as your family and stand up for you at the ceremony.”
    She turned and

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