Catalyst by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Catalyst by Viola Grace Read Free Book Online
Authors: Viola Grace
Tags: Erotic Romance, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Shapeshifter
stared up at him, “So, last night was unauthorized sex?”
    He grinned. “I would say yes, but you might kick me. So, I will say it was a method used to keep me from going insane in the time it will take to get everything arranged.”
    Mae scowled. “How long will it take?”
    “Three or four days, but I will say that the moment I read your name on the archaeological manifest, my blood has pounded and my cock has ached. I would never have made it that many days without touching you.”
    She sighed and trailed her fingers up his arm to the scar that marked his bicep. “Me neither. If you think I am good at manipulating things for a purpose, you should see what I can do if I want to get laid.”
    His kiss distracted her efficiently, but when he turned her, her body shrieked in protest. “Sorry, too sore. It has been a while.”
    He sighed. “I should apologise. I won’t, but I probably should.” Nothven sat up and took her hand. “Come on, a hot shower will help.”
    She wobbled after him, and when she was under the hot spray, she had to admit he was right. When he stepped into the shower with her and started to rub her tense muscles, she gave him full access by propping herself on the slick stone and standing with her feet apart. It was an invitation to far more than just a massage, but a solid rubdown was all he delivered.
    He shut the water off and sighed, “You are a horrible tease.”
    She grinned. “I know. I am looking forward to a game of naked tag in the backyard on the night of the wedding.”
    He narrowed his eyes as he wrapped her in a linen sheet. “What do you mean?”
    “I will run, and you can chase me.” She licked her lips. “And hopefully, you can catch me.”
    His urgent and weeping erection told her exactly how much he liked that idea. She stroked her thumb over the head of his cock, collecting the drops before bringing her thumb to her mouth.
    “Definitely a tease. You had better prepare to run on our wedding night, when I catch you then, tonight will look like a dress rehearsal.” He wrapped a towel awkwardly around his waist and led the way into the bedroom once again.
    He handed her one of his shirts to wear, and seeing as how it hung almost to her knees, she felt secure enough to leave his bedroom and explore the house in daylight.
    The kitchen had windows that extended the entire length of the wall, giving an excellent view of fields and a small stand of trees. Barefoot, she walked outside and looked around. The house was outside the city limits by several kilometers, leaving plenty of privacy and room for outdoor activities.
    Nothven joined her wearing only his trousers. He had two cups in his hands, and he offered her one. “Juice.”
    She smiled and sipped carefully. “Thank you. This is a nice house. Do all the Oefric have homes outside the city?”
    He shook his head. “After I returned, it was obvious that being surrounded all day, every day was going to be too much for me. My clan commissioned this as a retreat for me, it is a place for me to rest, recover and renew.”
    She looked around her. “It’s a good place for that.”
    He grinned, “You can also run all you want and there is nowhere I can’t see you. I foresee a very festive wedding night.”
    She was going to reply, but a throat was being cleared in the door to the kitchen. “Nothven, I am here to collect your lady.”
    Dotha was smiling, and she had Mae’s bodysuit over her arm.
    “Good morning, Dotha.” Mae smiled.
    “Good morning, Maeryn. You look well-rested.”
    “Appearances are deceiving then. I think I will get dressed and we will be on our way to wherever I will be under house arrest.” Mae turned to Nothven and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
    Dotha frowned. “You won’t be under house arrest. You are now one of the family. We have to get you a gown for the ceremony and a trousseau. No one wedding a Harring does so without proper ceremony or so my father says. My mother just rolls her

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