into his home.
    “Good. You are a little smaller than the average Oefric female, but I think that we can work around it.” His footfalls were completely silent, but his voice was right behind her and the husky tone shook her to her core.
    She licked her lips and kept exploring, the heat of his body behind her the whole way. “I am fairly sure that we will. There are too many images for this to be a failed try.”
    His voice was close to a purr. “How many images?”
    She shrugged as she walked through his kitchen, looking at the tea set that seemed standard no matter where she went. The teas changed but the tea sets were ubiquitous. “I don’t know. Close to a thousand. Some are from the same evening, but there are different places, lighting and clothing. Unless you like to change wardrobe between positions, it seems to indicate a fairly extensive relationship.”
    “I am glad to hear it. I have spent time imagining a future with you, but having you this close makes this moment the most important thing in my life.”
    Taking a breath for self-control, she turned and let him catch her. “Well, I am done with the slow chase. You have caught me, now what?”
    He wrapped his hands around her waist. His warm, calloused palms heated her exposed skin. “I think it’s time to bring the future into our present day.”
    He leaned down to kiss her, and she went up even further on her toes than the heeled shoes allowed. The kiss was sweet, deep and sent her senses spinning.
    When she backed away and opened her eyes, he was holding her at eye level and her arms were around his neck. She blushed. “This can’t be comfortable.”
    He grinned and nipped at her lower lip. “I can manage.”
    Her fingers were toying with the hair at the nape of his neck. Mae leaned forward and pressed her lips to the pounding pulse of his throat. She licked it, and he made that groan-purr noise again.
    She quivered slightly, and as she raised her head, she noted that he was moving and taking her with him.
    Mae began to unfasten his shirt, exposing the remaining trail of the three claw marks. “What did you do to get a Brokhan General classification?”
    He grinned. “You know what it is?”
    She was surprised. “Of course. It is a great honour, and an accidental clawing would never have been so straight.”
    He set her on her butt on the edge of the bed. With smooth movements, he removed her shoes.
    She groaned and wiggled her feet. “I know they give off mating indicators, but high-heeled shoes should be outlawed.”
    Nothven chuckled and wrapped each foot in a hand, massaging gently. “They do make your ass look more amazing than it already is.”
    She groaned as his thumbs rubbed the undersides of her toes. “Nice save.”
    His features took on a look of concentration as he rubbed the arch of her toes again, and she moaned in response. High-heeled shoes had never been her favourite thing, but if she could get a foot rub after wearing them, she might learn to enjoy them.
    She sighed, moaned and squirmed as the small touches between her toes had a peculiar effect between her thighs. Reflexology had never been something she indulged in back home, and now, she was thinking that it was a terrible shame—his soft touch was having the same effect as if he was stroking his hands up her inner thighs.
    Her skin was flushed, and she didn’t meet his gaze as he looked at her. He flipped back the edge of her skirt and stroked her calves to her knees.
    Flustered, she asked. “So, how did you become a Brokhan General?”
    “I saved the wife and daughter of the High Magistrate from an incoming shuttle crash. He tried to give me his daughter, but I politely refused, citing that I had a mate waiting for me.”
    “Very wise. Those Brokhan women bite.”
    “I wouldn’t mind a bite or two.”
    His massage moved up her thighs, and she held her breath as her wet heat became apparent.
    Nothven’s crystal grey eyes grew hot, he unlatched the jewelled belt

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