ChasingSin by Sara Brookes Read Free Book Online

Book: ChasingSin by Sara Brookes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sara Brookes
back into her lab or chase
with her anymore, no, I’m not surprised. Doesn’t mean it’s going to make this
any easier.”
    Kate seemed to be doing her best to stay as far away from
them as possible since the night in Kansas. She’d shut them out. Cut them off
completely without any kind of explanation. He wouldn’t change any of what
happened in that room between the three of them, even if it meant their
friendship would be intact again. Maybe the decision they all made had
irrevocably changed everything, but at least they knew instead of tiptoeing
around each other.
    Snyder was annoyed everything had been cut short before it
had even gotten started. He had more questions now than answers and it didn’t
appear as if he’d get any kind of clue soon. “Considering it’s a small island,
doubt it’s the last we’ll see of her.”
    “I’d say let’s hope it’s enough, but it appears trouble has
already found us.”
    The loud bang caused the plane to shake. Snyder shook his
head with a smile as he pulled off his harness and slipped into the cargo area
of the plane.
    “Same old Kate.”
    He flipped the latches and waited for the seal to break
before the door opened. Her hands were on her hips by the time the stairs
lowered and the downturn of her lips did nothing to ease that ache in his
    Seeing her fiery and pissed just made him want her even
    “Long time no see.”
    “What are you doing here?”
    The demand was classic Kate, and damn, he missed that
authoritative tone from her. Chasing hadn’t been the same without her by their
side. But she’d made it clear where she stood on the matter by leaving before
they’d awakened and ignoring them ever since.
    “Same as you.”
    “Get off my island.”
    While he liked her bossy, even he had a limit on what he
could take. “Your island? I seem to recall Sulaco Island is open to everyone.
Even to a couple of pricks tracking a hurricane. Big storm churning out there,
best thing a chaser can do is hunt up a place to set up their equipment and
settle in. Based on the forecasts, this seemed as if it would be the best place
to be safe, but still close enough to be in the hunt.”
    She crossed her arms and let out an exasperated sigh. “Why?
Can’t you two get a bird’s-eye view?”
    Snyder shrugged. “Already punched her core a few times. But
Grayler is taking the back shift for this one. Jean is his storm, not ours.” He
saw the question in her eyes and in her stance. Despite her irritation, she
wanted to know what they’d encountered. What they’d found when they flew
through the eye of the tumultuous storm churning out in the Caribbean. It was
too amusing to annoy her, so he waited her out, unwilling to give her the
information without making her work for it.
    She would have done the same thing to him if the situation
were reversed.
    “How’s she look?” she asked finally.
    That question hadn’t come without a cost and he silently
commended her.
    “Depends if you’re asking as a resident of the island or a
chaser?” The roll of Kate’s eyes caused Snyder to grin widely. She was too easy
to annoy, and he was glad to see that hadn’t changed in two months. “She’s a
beast. Wherever she lands is in for one hell of a ride if she strengthens any.”
    “Forecast track puts her hitting southern Louisiana on
    He’d heard that, and he also had his own opinion of what he
thought would happen. No doubt Kate had her own ideas about what the storm
would do as well. Despite his job as the pilot of one of the Hurricane Hunter
planes in his reserve squadron, she still had better instincts when it came to
hurricanes. The time apart hadn’t changed the fact he still envied her
instincts even though the trio hadn’t parted on the best of terms.
    “And what do you say?”
    Kate paused, tapping her foot as her gaze scanned the small
municipal airport. “I don’t know for certain yet. I need to get somewhere and
set up. Then upload the

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