Contagious Lust

Contagious Lust by Red Snapper, Essence BlaQue Read Free Book Online

Book: Contagious Lust by Red Snapper, Essence BlaQue Read Free Book Online
Authors: Red Snapper, Essence BlaQue
day and went to the elevator. As she rode down to the main lobby, she was happy that it was the end of the day. She just wanted to get home, get out of those clothes, and have a nice margarita.
    She was now in her lavish apartment, facing the Hudson River. She was setting down on her love seat drinking her margarita as she received an Instant Message.
    “ Hello Bonnie, I hope you’re ready to tell me what you are wearing.”
    She laughed as she picked up the laptop and responded to the message.
    “ Well good evening Clyde, I guess you have been waiting all day to find out what I am wearing so I guess I will not let you wonder any longer.” “I’m wearing a purple layered baby doll with lace and point d’ esprit tiers and a satin bust with a matching G-string. I have on a pair of purple six inch stilettos that give my curvy sexy legs plenty of definition.” “What are you wearing darling?”
    He swallowed hard as he imagined the sexy ensemble that she described to him. He reached down his pants, pulling out his now swollen dick and started to stroke it. He let it go as he replied to her, “Well my pet, I am wearing pair of satin navy boxers that is it!” “You got me so aroused, I really feel like I want to remove them right now!”
    She began to breathe heavily as she began to describe her dream she had about him on the computer. She could see him now as she waited for a minute, waiting for his touch. Then he brought his hand down to her cunt. She forced herself not to move, as she waited for his touch. She told him, “Please I need to be touched now!” “Please touch my pussy, please touch it now!”
    Clyde began to trail his fingers down to her waiting clit. She began to quiver, as she could not help herself. She bucked her hips trying to force his finger into her folds. He teases her, not allowing his finger to enter her. He pulled his hand back slightly and she waited in anticipation for him to continue.
    “ Be still,” said Clyde as she forced herself to not move.
    She waited a moment to make sure she was able to control herself then once again Clyde started slowly stroking the outer lips of her wet punany, so softly and gentle. She needed more, she thought as he continued to hold back from her.
Clyde continued to tease Bonnie as he remove his hand from her and place it on her thigh pushing until her legs were spread as far as they could go. Exposed to the world, she wanted to close her legs, torn between the pleasure she knew he could give her and the embarrassment of being on display like this for him. Pleasure quickly wins out when he brought his finger back to the top of her clit.
    He slowly stroke her back and forth like this gentle as can be and then on his way back to the top he suddenly ram two fingers in her as hard and fast as possible. She flinched, than she pushed hard against his hand wanting to take as much of them in as she could. Her hips bucked against his hand fucking it as hard as she could, her pleasure mounted and she can feel herself ready to explode. When she was almost at the point of no return, he stopped. She whimpered. Then he slowly slid his head down to where his hand had only moments before occupied. She stiffened as he licked her juice pussy lips. He parted her folds and slowly licked her hole to clit and back again as she shuddered on his face. He continued to stroke her with his tongue, nibbling gently on her clit, sucking it in and out of his mouth driving her further and further. She could not hold back any longer she needed to cum and she needed his throbbing hard dick inside her. Pushed beyond her limits she finally got the courage to push him away. Clyde tried to climb on her but; she stopped him, pushing him on the couch and mounted him.
As she slowly slid down on his dick, filling her aching pussy more and more, a long loud moan escaped her mouth.
    She thought, “My, how I needed this shit, how I needed you.”
    When she reached, the base instead of pulling back

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