Crimson Lips [Amazon Warriors] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Crimson Lips [Amazon Warriors] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Ellie Wilson Read Free Book Online

Book: Crimson Lips [Amazon Warriors] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Ellie Wilson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellie Wilson
Tags: Romance
her only response.
    “What? C? Why? Does it remind you of how you made me come in your hand?” He’d backed her up against a wall, this time when she had her back to a wall, he was the one to look down to her. He licked along the seam of her lips with his hands resting on either side of her head, just like in the alley. She rested her hands against the wall, not wanting to fight what was happening even though she could easily push him off with her superior strength. It was rare for an Amazon to feel protected, but when she was caged in by Sloan’s muscular body, that’s exactly what she felt, safe.
    Sloan continued with his sexy speech bringing her through the fog of lust clouding her mind.
    “C also stands for some of my favorite words.” He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her left collarbone. “Like cock…cunt…clit…climax…come…” With each word, he kissed his way up her neck, and she tilted her head to the side, giving him better access, and moaned. When he reached her ear, he nipped the lobe with his teeth then sucked the sting away causing her to hiss.
    Her eyes were closed, and it took all the willpower she had to keep from reaching for him and bringing his mouth to hers. This was wrong. She had to think of the tribe, but that was so hard when this man’s mouth was on her.
    She felt his hands trace the outline of her breast, continuing down to explore her curves. His hands moved around to give a hard squeeze of her ass as he switched to the other side of her neck.
    She was on edge. She wanted a more intimate touch. When she grinded her body against him, silently asking him keep going, she heard him groan as he bent his knees slightly to move his hands below her ass and lifted her up off the floor, causing a gasp to escape her.
    He used his big, strong hands to spread her legs, forcing her to wrap them around his waist so he could go back to feeling her ass.
    She wasn’t overweight, but she was a tall woman with lots of muscle, so she wasn’t light, but he lifted her as if she was no more than a feather. That was sexy as hell.
    She could feel his erect cock throbbing through their clothes. He was as desperate as she was. She wouldn’t be surprised if he felt her wetness soaking through her jeans. She was that turned on. From that point on, all logical thought went out the window.
    * * * *
    Sloan couldn’t believe it. The woman who had haunted and graced his dreams for almost a week was in his arms.
    He couldn’t think of all his ideas for punishment while she was grinding her beautifully sculptured body against his. He was losing control, and they had only just begun.
    Her scent surrounded him as he continued to kiss her neck and behind her ears where the smell of wilderness and lavender was strongest.
    He smiled when she tried to take charge, grabbing his head and angling it toward hers so they could kiss with all the hunger and anger that had been building since he placed his hand over her mouth.
    He could tell by her reaction she did not like being caught off guard. She wasn’t going to like what was about to happen. Well, she would, but he had a feeling she would never admit to it.
    So he let her take control of this kiss, let her think she was in control of what was happening while he got his head back on straight and remembered what her came here for…punishment.
    He carried her over toward the bed, letting her give and take from the kiss what she wanted. She wasn’t light, but he loved how muscular she was. It reminded him of the strength she used to please him.
    His knees hit the foot of the bed. He grabbed her by the waist and pushed her off his chest toward the bed. She let out a gasp of surprise when she landed. A laugh followed soon after, and the sound was magical. He just stared at her sprawled in disarray on the bed.
    She crooked her finger at him, inviting him onto the bed.
    One by one, he put his knees on the bed, fell to his hands, and crawled toward her as if he was

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