Cuffed for Pleasure

Cuffed for Pleasure by Lacey Thorn Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Cuffed for Pleasure by Lacey Thorn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lacey Thorn
Tags: Multiple Partner Erotic Romance
was wearing. Apparently, he was still hungry too.
    “I should probably grab some clothes,” she offered as they stood there in the hall. She had visions of him shoving her against the wall, fucking her hard and fast until she screamed. His breathing made her think he might be imagining a few scenarios of his own. “Dylan.”
    “Yes.” He shook his head as if trying to clear his thoughts, and it made her grin.
    “My clothes?” she prompted.
    “You won’t need them.”
    “I won’t?”
    “Unless you want them. I can grab your bag if it will make you more comfortable.”
    “But?” She laughed when he just lifted a brow. “I sensed a ‘but’ to that statement.”
    “But, I’m hoping the night is far from over. I’m hoping to get a chance to taste your pussy myself and to feel the clench of it around my cock while I fuck you.”
    Mandy found herself with the wall at her back, and Dylan plastered against her chest.
    “Say the word and the night is over. But I don’t think that’s what you want. I think you want to be fucked as badly as we want to fuck you.”
    Her eyes must have answered for her because the next thing she knew his lips were on hers, his tongue probing and demanding entry. He plunged into her mouth and visions of his cock doing the same to her pussy filled her mind. She lifted one leg to wrap around his hip, and she practically climbed him to get her pussy pressed against the bulge of his denim-covered cock.
    She ground against him, not caring if her juices soaked his jeans. She wanted him, wanted to be fucked. Hard. Fast. Deep. Now.
    “Now I see what’s taking so long.” Tanner’s voice washed over them, and Mandy pulled back from Dylan’s kiss to glance his way.
    “I’m a hard man to resist.” Dylan pressed the bulge of his hard cock between her thighs, emphasizing just what was hard about him.
    At some point, both her legs had lifted and wrapped around Dylan. Her back was against the wall, and the towel she’d put on after her shower was caught around her waist. She had little doubt it was only Dylan plastered against her that kept it there. Her left nipple ached where his fingers had been tormenting it with soft pinches and tugs.
    He shifted his hands downward to cup her ass and stepped back from the wall, so she wasn’t trapped. She had to force her legs to unwrap and drop to the floor when all she wanted was to rip open the zipper on his jeans and ride that thick cock of his.
    Shit, she had it bad.
    Dylan released her as her feet hit the floor, and she took a deep breath. Her loosened towel fell to her feet without him to keep it in place at her waist. She could see the lust in Dylan’s eyes, and one glance at Tanner showed he wasn’t immune either. They both wanted her as much as she wanted them.
    “Dinner’s going to get cold again if you guys don’t…” Mitch’s voice trailed off as he rounded the corner and stopped just behind Tanner. His eyes ran up and down Mandy’s naked form. “Dinner can wait. I’m all for dessert first.” He pushed Tanner aside. “You’ve already had yours.”
    Mandy couldn’t stop the smile that took over her face. Crouching, she grabbed the towel and wrapped it back around her when she stood. “Actually, I really am hungry. Plus, I get the impression I might need plenty of energy with you three.”
    “Dinner.” Tanner looked pointedly at Mitch and moved to her. He laced his fingers with hers and tugged her down the hall behind him. “I’ll show you to the dining room.” Almost as an afterthought, he added, “Mitch cooked.”
    “Just one of my many skills.” Mitch wiggled his eyebrows when she looked at him, and it made her laugh.
    “I opened a bottle of wine,” Dylan interjected, walking behind them.
    Tanner looked down at her and licked his lips. “And I already had dessert.”
    She blushed. It was funny. She’d just been with all three of them and still she blushed. She should be immune to that, but apparently she

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