Cuffed for Pleasure

Cuffed for Pleasure by Lacey Thorn Read Free Book Online

Book: Cuffed for Pleasure by Lacey Thorn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lacey Thorn
Tags: Multiple Partner Erotic Romance
turned them on in the moment. She just hoped they didn’t think less of her now that it was over. Her ex always enjoyed it while they were doing it. But he hadn’t been able to keep his mouth shut.
    Crap! She’d been with three local guys who were all cops. It was a small town. She might be labeled a cop groupie or whatever those women who just wanted to fuck a cop where referred to as. She thought of Tanner, Mitch, and Dylan. Truth be told, she would have wanted them no matter what occupation they had. They were sexy as hell.
    She did her best to towel dry her hair, so it wasn’t dripping down her back. She used the towel to clean some of the steam off the mirror when she was done. Her eyes were huge, which was good since her mouth remained swollen from her earlier sucking. Her nipples were still rock hard and throbbing for attention. Her pussy ached to be filled. She should have taken the time to get herself off again in the shower.
    She wrapped a towel tightly around her torso, tucking the end between her breasts, and took a deep breath. Pushing open the bathroom door, she stepped back into the bedroom with her head held high. Then let out a relieved sigh when she discovered it empty. Her eyes darted around. Completely empty. Even her clothes were missing.
    Her bra was drying on the shower rod in the bathroom, but her panties weren’t in the room. She closed her eyes. She’d discarded the dress in the living room where her bag probably still was. They’d veered straight to the bedroom. She laughed and quickly clamped her hand over her mouth in an attempt to muffle the sound.
    Who knew that moving to this small town would lead to her fulfilling one of her ultimate sexual fantasies? She could suffer a case of nerves or let society and her mother fill her head with what they thought of women who slept with multiple men, virtual strangers, or she could embrace it and move on. She’d already had oral sex with all three of them. If she had her way, that would just be the beginning of what they did tonight. She refused to feel guilty. Okay, so she probably should have gotten to know them better first. But this wasn’t her first one-night stand. It was however, her first with three men at a time. She was really hoping it wasn’t a one-night stand though. One night would never be enough with them. She was thinking every night for the rest of her life might not be enough.
    She giggled again. She was a bad girl, and it felt so incredible. As far as she was concerned, she had two choices. She could walk out of here with her tail tucked between her legs and act like she’d just made a huge mistake. She didn’t doubt Tanner would take her home if she asked him to. But she didn’t want that, and she had never been good at denial. So that left her walking out in the towel and seeing if they were up for round two.
    She nodded her head, having no trouble deciding on option two. This might be the only night she had to live out some desires she’d kept hidden for a long time. She was going to make the most of it. She could spend the rest of her life wondering what if or she could spend the rest of her life remembering what had. She was going with what had.
    She tightened the towel and took a deep breath. Pulling open the bedroom door, she stepped out into the hall and into a very wide, very naked chest. Her gaze lifted and she met Dylan’s eyes.
    “I was just coming to check on you.” He slid a hand down to cup her ass and press her tighter against him. “Dinner’s ready. We thought you might be hungry.”
    She watched his gaze dip to her mouth and knew he was remembering her eating him and Mitch. She grinned, which brought his eyes bouncing back up to her eyes. “I’m starved.”
    His eyes widened before the lids dropped, giving his eyes that sultry look. His nostrils flared, and she felt his fingers clench a little on her ass. She felt him and glanced down to verify the thick bulge of his cock in the low-slung jeans he

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