Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together

Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together by Deandre Dean Read Free Book Online

Book: Cyrosphere 6: Scrambling Lives Together by Deandre Dean Read Free Book Online
Authors: Deandre Dean
what he knew how to do.
    Live and survive, one day at a time. Stacey and Peter went back to their place so no crying baby to keep them up all hours of the night. With all the silence it gave Ginger chance to contemplate writing a second book. She had mentioned it to Like, who thought a great idea.
    After her shower, she sat wrapped in her fluffy cotton rob and ate Yvette's tuna stir fried concoction. She began typing on her computer and before she knew it. There were fourteen chapters to her new book.
    Ginger reread them and could not conceive how she did this. Brilliant words with a clear concept, romance this time around. She loved writing the science fiction novel but was now taking a stab at something new. It was very exciting. About time she crashed for bed it was almost two in the morning.
    Where had all the time gone? She washed up and brushed her teeth. In the morning, Aaron was sitting at the kitchen counter sipping coffee and looked exhausted. The poor fella looked like he tossed and turned all night. Ginger sighed as she made him pancakes which luckily he happily ate. Yvette joined them and Aaron cleared up.
    Ginger went to school; work and later that night had plans with Luke. With Aaron so distracted she fell asleep in Luke's arms. After the long day she had, followed up by sweet passionate sex and now to be awoke with a gourmet feast.
    The boy must have gotten up early as they fed each other in bed. About time she left his place, it hit her with a startle. I know how to find Jensen.
    Chapter Thirty Two:
    Ginger summoned Hannah. She didn't know why she didn't se the connection earlier. She was the living and breathing only family he had.
    As a half-witch, half demon angel hybrid. She could use a spell to locate him, or at least Ginger hoped so. With Hannah there, Ginger went over the plan but wanted her to cast the spell to conserve her energy. There was no telling who this Delia Kern was.
    Leo found nothing on her. Mark said she probably didn't exist, or at least smart enough not to leave a paper trail. Ginger had to admit that made perfect sense when he explained things.
    Leave it to Mark to be absolutely rational and full of useful advice. Ginger could now clearly state she loved him. No longer in a romantic passion manner but friendship. The reason she didn't go back to the apartment was easy.
    Adorsa had asked for her advice asking Mark out. Forward and direct Adorsa was an ideal girlfriend so she told her everything that could be considered useful. She was over Mark. They were friends and Adorsa was her roommate.
    Of course this might be disastrous but she shut her mouth and simply helped while holding back her opinions. Adorsa asked him out and of course he called to verify if it would be weird with the whole roommate thing. The fact he was considers pissing her off. This incredible handsome, compassionate guy who she had a sling with was asking to avoid conformation.
    It was Ginger that now controlled their dating life, so of course she consented. They went on their first date last night. No phone call and being anywhere near the apartment was the last thing she wanted.
    Not helping pick out clothes, any other predate friend crap and ended with a few nights away from her room. It turned it to be good for her and Luke. She told him about her new book and he was thrilled she was writing. Luke was more excited.
    She didn't settle but decided to push the limits and write romance. Another one of the reasons she loved him. Ginger stood beside Hannah as she waited for her ingenious plan to execute. The portal opened and through the portal Ginger saw Jensen chained up. Without thought or reason she jumped in with Hannah yelling wait.
    Chapter Thirty Three:
    When Ginger turned around an angry Hannah was behind her as the portal began to close. At least she was right about the blood tracking spell.
    Before Ginger could asset the situation. Hannah yelled out in pain before collapsing to the ground. The room

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