Dark Demands 03: Totally His

Dark Demands 03: Totally His by Nell Henderson Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Dark Demands 03: Totally His by Nell Henderson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nell Henderson
Tags: Dark Demands
she’d considered whether or not they may have been for Lisa.
    “I feel as if I’ve done nothing but eat while I’ve been with you, Matthew Dark,” she told him on the way back.  “Pasta, cheese and all the ice cream and wine, I’ll go home enormous.”
    “Eat isn’t all you’ve done though, is it,” he reminded her taking a hand off the wheel and feeling her thigh under her skirt.  “Mostly you’ve spent your time with me , letting me fuck you , isn’t that right?”
    His hand had reached her panties – he was driving and she slapped him off.  “You are dreadful and you’ll have to wait.  You should concentrate on getting us back safe there are so many twists in the road and it’s getting dark – so behave,” she insisted slapping him lightly again.
    It wasn’t much but it was nonetheless another showing of her independent streak.  He felt himself stiffen – it deserved a good spanking – at the very least she deserved to get her buttocks reddened because of it.  He stiffened harder thinking about doing that to her.  Perhaps not a spanking – perhaps he’d bind her to the special curved bench he had in his chamber.  He’d strip her naked and lay her across it on her front and then he’d use a paddle or a lash. He smiled and removed his hand after patting her lightly on her thigh.  She’d keep – she’d keep until the morning and then he’d keep her for as long as it took to extract an apology.

Chapter 5
    On your knees, girl,” he said in mock anger.  “Here in front of me on the mat.
    Gina shivered with anticipation as she obeyed him and knelt at his feet.  They were in his chamber, Hardcore Matthew’s chamber.  S he was naked and he’d cuffed her hands behind her back. 
    “Keep your eyes on the floor,” he growled at her as her eyes flicked to where his hands were easing his shorts down over his hips
    She felt the tight curl of desire knot in her stomach and as his shorts hit the floor and she watched his large erection bob free only centimetres from her lips. 
    He grabbed her blonde hair and used it to pull her head back slightly then pushing his hips forwards he knocked his penis against her lips.  She licked them - wetting their surface with her tongue knowing very well what was expected of her now.  Then s he opened her mouth wide and flicked out her tongue inviting him in - into the welcoming warm, wetness of her mouth .  She drew his erect shaft all the way in until she felt it s tip knocking the back of her throat.  Gina closed her eyes and worked her tongue around him, feeling, tasting every centimetre of him as he continued to plunge in and out of her.  She loved him, no use denying it to herself anymore so if this was what he wanted – needed from her then she was happy to please him this way.
    But Matthew didn’t want this to be loving or gentle.  He worked his rapidly swelling maleness mercilessly in her mouth and down her throat until Gina had to gasp for each hard won breath and spluttered as her mouth filled with saliva - but he didn’t stop.   He pushed her head back allowing him to fuck at her throat hard . How was she supposed to use her safeword now?
    He gathered up her long blonde hair and used it to move her head up and down on his still growing erection.  He would dictate how this happened and again he wanted it to be rough.  She had no choice and closed her mouth around him teasing with her tongue – running up and around his shaft.  His reaction was instant and loosening her hair he grabbed her head in both hands to hold her still as he thrust in an out of the tight seal she’d made with her lips.  He pounded in and out of her mouth with no thought to her comfort until finally she tasted the first hit of his warm, thick semen on her tongue.  She closed her eyes – letting him use her – fuck her mouth like he did her sex.  She heard his gasp s and his deep moan s of relief as he continued to thrust and empty himself into her

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