Deadly Sins

Deadly Sins by Lora Leigh Read Free Book Online

Book: Deadly Sins by Lora Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lora Leigh
spark of fire.
    He couldn’t rape her here, but Corbin County wasn’t too far away. He could have her soon.
    No mistakes, he reminded himself as he bent and pushed her sneakers onto her feet before carefully tying them.
    The neighbor across the street stayed awake until dawn watching the late-night skin flicks to be found. The neighbor next to her had a surveillance camera that would only glimpse what he and his boss had planned for it to glimpse.
    “Sleeping Beauty,” he whispered again. “Sleep just a little longer for us.”
    He ran his palm up her leg to her thigh, then the warmth of her inner folds, shielded by her jeans.
    He had made no mistakes, and he wouldn’t make any.
    Replacing the drugged cloth in the Baggie, then sliding it back into his pocket, he lifted her to her feet and roused her enough to convince her to attempt a shuffling walk as he kept her tucked to his side.
    Moving her to the front door, he glanced back before opening it, checking that the other man had already disappeared as planned.
    The boss was gone, out the back door that had been unlocked just as he had known from an earlier visit that it would be.
    He’d planned everything to the last detail.
    Moving from the house to the large black 250 King Ranch crew cab pickup parked on the street in front of her home, he congratulated himself on a job very well done.
    Unlike Thomas Jones twelve years before and Lowry Berry last month, he wouldn’t screw up.
    He wouldn’t allow anyone to interfere in what he had been promised once the Callahan cousins were imprisoned or out of Corbin County.
    He would have preferred dead, but his boss wasn’t willing to go that route. Yet.
    He knew people, he thought as he helped Marietta from the porch to the sidewalk, then down the flight of cement steps to the passenger side of the truck. He knew people well, and he knew the thought of killing his enemies was constantly in his boss’ mind.
    He hoped his boss let him help.
    He wanted to help.
    He would make certain it hurt them really bad.
    Until then, he had Marietta. And before long, he would have another; he knew he would. He had the three picked out. The lovers Logan had taken, the whores who had been willing to settle for a one-night stand rather than holding out for a commitment.
    Strapping the nearly unconscious woman into the passenger seat, he touched her cheek gently before closing the door and loping around the vehicle to the driver’s seat.
    Ah yes, he was being watched.
    Clete Olen was standing in his window across the street, obviously watching closely.
    He ignored him.
    Witnesses. There were several neighbors watching from their shadowed porches. After all, it was a nice summer night and this was one of the safer neighborhoods.
    Pulling into the street, he chuckled at the thought of it.
    The Neighborhood Watch hadn’t helped Marietta much. This was the last time they would see her, and they didn’t even know it.
    He wondered if Logan Callahan even had a clue that the lovers he had tried so hard over the past six months to slip out with weren’t hidden after all.
    He knew each one of them, where to find them, and exactly how to strike.
    Now he just had to be patient.
    Hours later
    Her screams echoed through the dreamscape of a forested night, filled with agony and rage as they penetrated his senses. Logan could feel the terror as it tore through him, the knowledge of what he was hearing and whose screams it was.
    It was a dream. The same dream. And he couldn’t escape it.
    The knowledge that he would never be able to save her was replayed through his soul, nearly breaking it now as it had then.
    Because he couldn’t save her.
    No one could save her.
    His cousin’s lover.
    His friend.
    Logan could feel his feet pounding across the uneven terrain as he, Rafer, and Crowe fought to reach her, though a part of him knew they would never get there in time. Fate had already delivered the deadly stroke of destruction and now all that was

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