Deuce's Dancer

Deuce's Dancer by Patricia Green Read Free Book Online

Book: Deuce's Dancer by Patricia Green Read Free Book Online
Authors: Patricia Green
He had a date with the stubborn Señorita and it was going to be an evening to remember.
    * * *
    Deuce's breath caught as Pilar opened her apartment door to him. She looked like the quintessential 1950's homemaker, complete with scooped-neck pink dress, white high-heels, and an adorable lace-edged apron with bright red apples silkscreened on it. Her long, dark hair was pulled back from her face with a pink headband. She couldn't have been more desirable had she worn a teddy and hooker heels.
    Deuce offered her a bottle of good quality cabernet sauvignon and took a hug that ended up being a hot clinch. He took the time to explore her sweet mouth thoroughly with his tongue, nibbling on her lips. She was anything but passive to his ardor, matching his movements and adding a few new ones of her own. When they broke, Pilar was half-panting and her eyes had darkened with arousal.
    "Something smells good," he said, nuzzling her neck.
    She hummed and tilted her head, encouraging him. "Enchiladas."
    He laughed softly. "I meant you, chiquita."
    "Oh, well… I suppose I'm glad I don't smell like enchiladas, though I would hope I'd smell as tasty."
    "I'd like to eat you up."
    She grinned as she carefully pushed him away. "You're making me squirmy, spank-man."
    He gave her a swat on the rump as she took the wine deeper into her apartment. It was only a few steps into her tiny kitchen, but he could have found it easily by the mouthwatering aroma coming from it.
    It was a bright white space, decorated with apple-themed calendar, pot-holders, canisters. Cheerful and homey though small, it reflected her sweetness perfectly.
    She searched around until she came up with a corkscrew, then struggled with getting the foil off the top of the wine bottle.
    "How about if I do that for you?"
    "I can manage."
    "Don't cut yourself."
    She scowled. "I'm perfectly capable…" The bottle slipped as she tried to twist the corkscrew into the cork. "Ack."
    He swiped the bottle out of her hands and made quick work of the cork. "Don't drink much wine?"
    Pilar took the bottle he offered, open and ready to be poured. "No. I don't drink much in general."
    "Except tequila," he reminded her with a chuckle. "Because it doesn't make you drunk."
    That got him a dirty look, quickly followed by a bratty grin. "You're just disappointed because it's not going to get you into my panties."
    Deuce let his gaze travel over her slowly, head to foot and back up again, noting that her nipples got hard as he stared. "I don't think I need liquor for that."
    She glanced down where he was looking and grinned. "Caught me. I guess I can't hide anything from you."
    He took the glass of wine she offered as he said, "Which reminds me. I found out something about you today, and it made me a little unhappy."
    A cloud passed over her face but she gave him a smile that was clearly forced. "Oh?"
    Grabbing her by the waist with one hand, he pulled her closer. "Yeah. Why didn't you tell me that your father's medical bills were a problem?"
    The muscles under his hand relaxed noticeably. Something was wrong besides the bills, but he didn't know what. "I didn't think it was any of your business, quite frankly."
    "I can help."
    She pushed him away and turned to the oven, checking on the enchiladas as they baked. "I don't want your money."
    "Did I offer money?"
    "Men always offer money," she said. "I mean, I can take care of it."
    He watched her adorable rump and the swing of her bright pink skirt as she bent over the oven door. "I took care of it for you."
    Pilar straightened up quickly. "You what?"
    "I okayed the payment arrangements you made today. I'll talk to Dr. Stone and-"
    A flush rose up her chest and face as her brows lowered. "How dare you!"
    It was his turn to frown. "Hold on a minute, Pilar. You still have to pay the debt. I only got them to accept your payment offer."
    She plunked down her wine with a glassy tink . "You arrogant bastard. I can take care of myself and my family. We don't

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