Deviance Becomes Her

Deviance Becomes Her by Mallory West Read Free Book Online

Book: Deviance Becomes Her by Mallory West Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mallory West
the afterglow from her powerful orgasm. Cashmere climbed onto her chest and placed her wet, bald pussy to Pam’s lips. “Eat me good,” she commanded sternly. Pam’s tongue tentatively reached up into the slightly salty tasting cunt and licked, flicking the tip of her tongue on Cashmere’s clit.  
    Lorraine and Miranda got into a sixty-nine position on the floor and proceeded to eat each other. It was not long before three more screams of pleasure penetrated the salon walls.  
    Once Pam was released from her bondage, the women refreshed themselves with water and a little snack. After that, the four traipsed off to a bedroom and cuddled together on the king-sized bed for a few hours of much needed sleep.  
    No one noticed the three crewmembers watching intently through the smoke glass window.    
    * * *

    Someone was eating Barbie while she sucked the thick cock…someone’s tongue roamed all over her swollen pussy, licking up one side and down the other. Her clit was ready to burst. Abruptly, hands reached for her wrists and she found herself released with the large cock slipping out from her mouth. But that was only for a brief instant, for strong arms and deft hands quickly tossed her onto her elbows and knees, ass in the air. Not being able to see, she did not know who was doing what to her.  
    Barbie was close to cumming from all this manhandling. She felt fingers tickle her from behind, fingering her clit; one of the men managed to slide underneath her. She was lying on top of him, her tits flattened on his hairy chest, thighs open with knees on the bed, as his cock slipped easily up into her sopping gash.  
    He fucked her hard for a few moments gripping her hips, when she felt someone behind touch her asshole. “NO!” she cried out urgently. “Not there, please—”  
    Her ass was slapped hard. “No talking!” one of the men growled angrily. She felt her asshole being lubed up, the swipes and touches felt good. A finger was slowly inserted, twisted, and with all the lubrication, it didn’t hurt that bad. She was a virgin in that area.  
    She tried to relax her anus. The finger went deeper, gently, and started to wriggle a little. She found herself thrusting back. With a cock in her pussy and a finger in her ass, she could only imagine what this scene looked like. It was tremendously arousing.
    The cock kept up a steady rhythm and the finger pulled out. She felt a little empty after that, but then pressure…lots of pressure! Oh no! Relax, relax, she thought wildly.  
    Her hips were gripped tightly as the cock head slipped inside. It hurt, but as long as she relaxed, it wasn’t too bad. Maybe that was all that would happen …she dared to hope. But no…the cock shoved in deeper.  
    The cock in her pussy provided some friction, while the cock in her ass filled her and it had started to feel incredibly good. The man on top reached around under her and scrabbled around for her clit, and that kicked her pleasure mode over the edge.  
    He played with her like that for a few minutes as she slowly lost her mind in a haze of ecstasy. Grunting like an animal she wildly fucked back at the plundering cocks; in moments she came hard, wailing loudly as her cunt gushed salty fluid, covering both dicks.
    The men groaned simultaneously in excitement; she felt both of them become rigid as their cocks jerked inside her cavities, shooting their load. Barbie could feel the hot cum fill up her pussy and ass, leaking and dripping down her wide spread thighs. A strong arm only held her up around her waist or she would have collapsed face down onto the man under her.  
    James turned her face to him and inserted his raging cock once again for a final fuck. He was ready to blow and in seconds, he came with a deep, satisfied groan as he thoroughly drained his cum inside of her slurping mouth.  
    Everyone was exhausted, laying around in complete bliss. None of the men made it to their bedrooms and fell

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