sure why I like that.
    Then it’s The Look, and I can’t help but smile. This night might end up being sort of fun. I can’t wait to mess with her.

    ~ Ziah ~
    I can’t believe this is happening. What is hot party guy doing here?
    This is not what I need today. It’s still hard to breathe after getting text number one million from both James and Alyssa.
    James. Alyssa. Their names have been spinning through my head all afternoon. I don’t have the details, and I don’t want them. The only text I read from Alyssa says I’M SORRY.
    Things between James and I haven’t been perfect, but they haven’t been bad either. My stomach turns over again. I’m still numb. In shock. Someone clears her throat, and I’m brought back to the present—the part of me that’s still functioning anyway.
    My eyes go from Derrick, attached to Lora’s side, to party guy, back to Derrick. Same blue eyes. Same almost-black hair. Same smug smirk. Oh. No. She is NOT marrying into that family. Half the table is staring at me. Right. I should probably move.
    Lora gives me her best exasperated, wide-eyed, clench-jawed look that says I’d better find a way to get to my seat. But the only chair is sandwiched between Dad and hot party guy.
    Not good.
    My phone beeps with another text, which almost pushes me into another round of tears. I’m not crying at the table so I pull in a deep breath, keep my eyes focused, and take the seat next to Dad. No reason for this guy to think I even recognize him.
    “Hey, Dad.” Dad smells like hospital, as always, and his dark blond hair is in serious need of a cut. I lean into him, bumping our shoulders together, and try to pretend everything’s perfect.
    “Hey, sweetie.” Dad pecks a kiss on my temple.
    “Ziah.” Lora’s smile is too bright, and her eyebrows are seriously threatening to take over her hairline.
    “Yes?” I smile back, really glossing it on. Can’t she see it’s more than the stupid wedding I’m upset over? She’s my sister. She should see this isn’t all about her.
    “This is Derrick’s brother Dylan.”
    “Derrick and Dylan. Cute.” But then my eyes meet Derrick’s dad’s, and I feel like crap for making a comment about their names.
    His hair’s as dark as theirs, and he looks like the cover of some over-priced menswear magazine. These guys seriously won the genetics lottery.
    I take a long drink from my champagne before turning to look at Dylan. Then I say, “Hey. I’m Ziah.” He doesn’t need a hand. Who knows what he’d spill on me this time.
    “Cool name.” He smirks.
    Is he seriously making fun of my name? Never mind that I made fun of his and his brother’s names—seriously, theirs match. Mine is awesome. Anyway, I don’t have to like him. His brother is messing up my sister’s plan.
    “Yeah. Thanks.” I pick up my champagne again. Not that I’m a big drinker, because I’m not. But I think the occasion is extreme. I’m also a bit surprised Mom’s risking giving me a glass. I’m sure some inspector someone wouldn’t be happy about it, but right now, I’m not about to question.
    Lora kicks me under the table, and I almost call her on it. But the death glare I’m getting says I’d better keep my mouth shut. I down the rest of my champagne. Dad raises an eyebrow, but I pretend not to see.
    Okay, so I might have sort of freaked out on Lora before the party. And her fiancé might have heard part of it because they were on the phone, and I might have stayed in the kitchen way longer than I needed to (seeing as I can barely make toast) just to avoid the dinner. But she didn’t have to torture me by putting me next to hot party guy, who smells freaking delicious and has the most awesome eyes I’ve ever… Crap. I need to stop.
    My phone buzzes with another text. Alyssa this time. I delete it without reading and pull a shaky breath in to keep from crying.
    It’s pretty egotistical for Lora to think I was upset over her anyway. I

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