Drama Queen

Drama Queen by Susannah McFarlane Read Free Book Online

Book: Drama Queen by Susannah McFarlane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Susannah McFarlane
Tags: Juvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure/General
    EJ walked up to Sydney, keeping her eyes down.‘Here you are, Ms Radisson,’ she mumbled, holding out the cat.
    Sydney grabbed the cat, turned and walked up to the large trailer, opened the door and slammed it shut behind her. EJ relaxed. She hadn’t been found out. It seemed Sydney only wanted her cat—even though she didn’t seem that fond of it—and to get to her trailer, quickly.
    EJ edged closer to the trailer. When she was about two metres from the door she stopped, took out her spy pad and pressed the X-ray app, holding the pad in front of her. While to a passer-by it would look as if EJ was just reading something in her folder, she was actually looking right into Sydney Radisson’s trailer. But EJ knew she couldn’t just stand out the front of the star’s trailer. She moved around to the side where she would not be noticed so easily. The inside of the trailer was like a luxury hotel. There were plush red sofas and a long, shaggy white rug on the floor. There was a glass coffee table that held an enormous vase with dozensof white orchids and a bowl of chocolate bars, double-fudge chocolate, EJ assumed. From the roof hung a glittering chandelier. One wall was covered with mirrors and another with a row of black cupboards with gold handles and locks. EJ watched as Sydney put her phone down on the coffee table, picked up a sheet of paper and sat on the sofa. Eating a chocolate bar and stroking her cat, she studied the sheet intently.
    Perhaps she is just learning her lines for the next scene, thought EJ.
    EJ watched for more than half an hour and nothing happened. Sydney just sat and read, eating chocolate bars and checking her phone now and then. Just as EJ was thinking that maybe Sydney Radisson was just a bad-tempered movie star and not a SHADOW agent at all, Sydney did something unusual. She checked her phone and then looked back at the papers and wrote something down. She got up, tickled her cat under its neck and then reached up and opened one of the cupboardsabove the table. She took out three large, pretty-looking bottles, all with a large letter S on the front. There was a pink, an orange and a blue bottle. EJ watched as Sydney shut the cupboard and then tickled the cat under the neck again.
    She really likes her cat, thought EJ, even though she thought the cat still looked pretty grumpy. But what are those bottles? I need a closer look. She zoomed in with her X-ray. The bottles looked like perfume bottles but they seemed to have something other than liquid in them. EJ zoomed again. They were, as EJ knew they would be, full of tiny balls.
    These must be the bottles the delivery women were talking about, thought EJ. She watched as Sydney looked at her sheet of paper and picked up the orange bottle and gave it a shake. What is she doing?
    Then EJ was distracted as a woman ran up to the trailer. Just in case she was seen, EJ stepped back and began talking into her phone as the woman knocked on Sydney’s trailer. With her X-ray app, EJwatched Sydney quickly give her cat yet another scratch under the neck and then open the cupboard and put the bottles away before giving her cat one more tickle. She threw the paper she had written onto the table then looked towards the door and called out. EJ guessed she was saying ‘Come in’, as the woman then entered the trailer.
    Why would Sydney pet her cat if she is in such a hurry and why would she need to hide the bottles? wondered EJ. Things were definitely getting more suspicious.
    EJ could hear voices in the trailer. She couldn’t make out the words but there was no doubt that Sydney wasn’t happy. Her voice was getting louder and louder. ‘If I have to,’ she finally yelled at the woman as the door suddenly burst open and she stomped down the steps in her high heels.
    EJ came out from beside the trailer and walked past, scribbling furiously on her pad. Sydney didn’t even look at her as she and

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