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there because of their discipline. Something about the way Derek spoke seemed to go straight to her soul. She’d never heard him talk to a sub intimately. He’d always seemed like one of those distant Doms who never let an ounce of emotion flow, but there was such heat in his voice that it melted all of her inhibitions. It was so different than their one hurried and ungainly scene. This time she connected with him. She let her body sag on his, her legs spread just the tiniest bit because her backside wasn’t the only thing that was hot and pink. Her pussy had responded to him by softening and getting ripe and ready for his touch.
    She heard a shaky breath escape from his mouth and his finger ran down the seam of her ass.
    Time seemed to still as he moved closer and closer to her pussy. So close. He would touch her and suddenly she was terrified that she would go off like a rocket the minute he did. The very second those callused fingers of his breached her long unused pussy, she would very likely scream and moan and come all over his hand. She wouldn’t say a word if he shoved her on the desk, pushed his slacks down, and took her. She would let him. It had been so long. So fucking long.
    He moved his fingers away. She bit back a cry because she’d wanted him to touch her so badly and now it was over and it hadn’t been enough. Not even close. He would set her on her feet and she would awkwardly pull her pants up and they would go on like he’d never spanked her, never held her down and made her cry. They would go right back to being wary acquaintances. She would be back in the world and she wasn’t ready for it yet.
    He flipped her over like she didn’t weigh a thing, settling her on his lap. “Relax. I want to play for a minute. You can tell me no, but I don’t shift quickly. I like to spend a little time in aftercare before I have to go back to normal. You can stop me at any time with a simple no.”
    His hand was at the exposed portion of her thigh, skimming up toward her pelvis. Even more disconcerting was the little nest his arm and chest made. He’d situated her so she was oh so close to his body, her head naturally resting against his shoulder, nestling into his neck until she could smell the soap on his body, the clean smell of his skin. She brushed her forehead against his cheek, feeling the roughness of his whiskers against her.
    “I like you like this, Karina. Soft. Sweet. I even like the way your jeans hold your legs together. I’d bind you up and then I would have to work to get at your pussy, but don’t think I won’t. I could tie you up so tight and I would still find a way to get inside you.”
    He was almost there. She couldn’t stop the way she shivered in his arms because it was so much more intimate this way. She was so close to him. His cock pressed against her still-sensitive backside. His lips hovered above hers. All it would take was a slight twist of his head and his mouth would cover hers, his tongue licking along the seam of her lips as his fingers played in her pussy.
    “We can work together, Karina. We can make this work,” he murmured as he turned his face down.
    Like gravity calling to her, she moved with him. Her legs opened as much as they could, her lips turning up to meet his.
    They could make this work. They could be good for each other.
    A loud knock cracked through the air.
    Karina was jarred back to reality and practically jumped off his lap. Her heart was pounding, her whole body aching for something that wasn’t going to happen. Oh, god, she’d been just about to spread her legs and let a man who didn’t even like her inside. Years and years of chastity and faithfulness to her husband’s memory had almost blown out the door.
    Tears blurred her eyes. She’d almost kissed another man.
    Derek caught her around her waist before she fell over. “Hey, baby, it’s all right. The door’s locked.”
    She shook her head. “Don’t. You can’t call me that.”

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