Elemental by Kim Richardson Read Free Book Online

Book: Elemental by Kim Richardson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kim Richardson
here! You oversized bug!”
    David threw himself in front of Kara. He slashed and stabbed at the creature with his blade. In one rapid movement he hurled his Soul Blade into the creature’s neck. Spurts of black blood escaped through the wound. It stumbled. Its eyes rolled back in its head. David saw his opportunity and took it. He brandished another blade from inside his jacket, leapt forward and slashed at the demon’s neck.
    It took three full strokes to cut off its head. The headless demon teetered momentarily on the spot. Then it collapsed. It twitched and jerked. A mixture of black and green liquid spilled from its severed neck. Within seconds the demon’s body was nothing but a bubbling puddle. It slowly evaporated until nothing remained.
    Everything felt like a dream to Kara. Her vision blurred. David looked up and then ran over to her.
    “She’s in bad shape, David,” Kara heard the other guardian say. “I don’t know what this sticky stuff is. I’ve never seen it before. She’s like in a cocoon or something. And it looks like the demon’s blood did a number on her. It’s eating away at her. She won’t last long like this. We have to get her back to Horizon—and fast.”
    David gently touched her cheek with his fingers.
    “Kara,” he whispered. “Kara, stay with me. You’re going to be okay. I promise. Kara? Don’t close your eyes! Stay with me! Kara!”
    Kara wanted to stay awake more than anything. She tried to answer back, but nothing moved. And as she tried to muster the strength to smile—the darkness took her.

Chapter 5
    A new post
    KARA WOKE UP IN THE HEALING-XPRESS . The archangel, Raphael forced her to stay in the healing chambers for several days so that she could monitor her progress.
    Kara didn’t remember much. She did not want to remember that she had caused Tom’s death. The demon had caused a great deal of damage to her angel core, maybe she couldn’t remember. She wasn’t sure.
    Kara pleaded to be released—that she was being held prisoner. She explained to Raphael what the demon that had attacked her looked like—they had never seen or heard of such a demon. Was it a new breed? Was someone or something breeding them?
    Raphael finally released Kara from her protective custody on condition that she meet with the archangel Gabriel at Operations. She set off quickly for the quiet of the dunes.
    As she treaded through the soft red sand, Kara heard running footsteps behind her. Her body tingled when David jogged up to her.
    “Hey! How are you feeling?” He smiled. “I was just looking for you on level three…so Raphael finally let you out of her cage. I was beginning to think she’d kidnapped you.”
    He smiled again, but Kara could see concern, almost fear, flash for a second in his eyes.
    She brushed a long strand of hair behind her ear. She bit her lip. She didn’t know how he felt about her anymore. She didn’t want him think she was too happy to see him.
    “Yeah, finally. I think she took my well-being a little too seriously,” Kara forced a laugh and hoped David didn’t notice the shakiness in her voice.
    David sighed. “Well, I’m glad you’re okay. I was really worried. You were barely holding up your M suit—I wasn’t sure you were going to make it.”
    Unease flashed in his face again.
    Kara started to grow uncomfortable. She averted her eyes.
    “…but I did.” Something nagged in the back of her mind. “Hey, how did you know I’d be at my mom’s apartment? Did you follow me? —Don’t get me wrong, if it weren’t for you I’d be dead, and I’m grateful. But how did you know I’d be there?”
    David scuffed up some red sand with his foot. “Because I’m psychic, babe.”
    Kara listened nervously as he continued, “Well, I’d like to think I know you a little. I had a feeling you’d take the first chance you got to check up on your mom. And it appears I was right.”
    A sudden anger spread across David’s face.

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