Exorcism - A Christian Manual

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Book: Exorcism - A Christian Manual by Carson Michael Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carson Michael
Tags: Christian, Demonology, exorcism, deliverance, Demon possession
There are many pastors that I have talked too that have church people that believe in Jesus and use root doctors, or some other form of voodoo (very strong in the South).   I have found that some church people use spells and herbs to protect them from evil and they see nothing wrong with it; they use evil to fight evil.    
·         Ghosts : These are believed to be the dead that have not gone on to heaven or hell, but in reality they are demons.  More of this will be discussed in house cleansings.
·         Spirit Guide : A person voluntarily asking a spirit being (an angel, a great wise person from the past, a god) to come and give advice when they need it.
·         Crystal Healing : Using crystals to heal or change energy balances within a person or a space.
·         Astral Projection : Purposely having the spirit leave the body to travel to other destinations. I once knew a psychic that could travel a 1000 miles and watch a friend put her children to bed and be able to call her later and tell her what she read to the children.
    Many people have occult objects in their homes and they are not even aware of it.   They go on vacation and collect paintings or statues from other countries or collect religious symbols from many religions and have no idea that they have evil spirits attached to them.  Spirits can attach to anything where they have been given authority. 
    For example, a man came to see me because his wife was ill and had been sick for months and was deteriorating.  They went to several doctors and all they could come up with is that she had some virus and would eventually get over it.  Well, things were not getting better and they were both concerned that she was dying.  I conducted a spiritual history and did not find any occult involvement or any major sin.  I visited their home and my eyes were drawn to a painting in the living room and felt uneasy.  I asked them where they got the painting and they said that they bought it in England from an antique dealer.  The dealer said the painting was old and supposedly was done by a person that practiced black magic and was thought to have gone insane sometime later.   They bought the painting as a conversation piece.  I immediately asked them when they bought it and they said 1 month before the symptoms started.  I told them that the painting needed to be destroyed and we needed to break the authority of the demon that inhabited the picture.  They agreed and after we prayed and destroyed the painting her illness disappeared.
    To deal with occult activity before the exorcism there must be an exact history of any occult involvement.  In addition, they must repent of this activity.  If they do not see occult activity as wrong the evil will stay.  Next, they must get rid of any occult objects and cut ties to anyone that practices in the occult.  Finally, the exorcist must know the depth to the occult involvement because the deeper the practices the more difficult the exorcism will be.  Here is an example of different degrees of occult involvement:
·         Dabbling in the occult for fun without knowing what it really is, like a teen playing with an Ouija board or reading a horoscope daily;
·         Going to a psychic to get answers to a problem, having their palm read, or having a tarot card reading.  You know something supernatural is going on;
·         Knowingly seeking spiritual power to hurt or manipulate someone.  For example, going to a root doctor to cast a spell on someone to fall in love with you;
·         Being a spirit channeler, a witch, or a psychic.  You know you are contacting spirits from the other realm;
·         Knowingly making a pact with satan and/or practicing black magic or necromancy.
    Demons can move through trauma, like sexual abuse, and attach to the victims.  For example, if an adult male rapes a woman, the two become one and

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