Exorcism - A Christian Manual

Exorcism - A Christian Manual by Carson Michael Read Free Book Online

Book: Exorcism - A Christian Manual by Carson Michael Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carson Michael
Tags: Christian, Demonology, exorcism, deliverance, Demon possession
sin we are doing what is forbidden and God wants no part of it.  Demons can cross over into sin because that is where they have authority to dwell.  The only way to rebuke their authority is to repent and confess our sins and they will leave, as demons have no authority to dwell in righteousness.  You should ask the client about their:
·         Spiritual history : Questions about their salvation, questions about their relationship with God, questions about their spiritual commitments and questions about their spiritual experiences;
·         Personal History : Questions about their family of origin, questions about generational issues, questions about criminal history, questions about mental health history, and questions about all sin areas.
    It is possible for someone to silently confess before God if their sins are embarrassing, but I find that it is more helpful if they can say it out loud and admit before another person what they have done.  It helps the client to confess out loud because the impact of their sins feel more real; saying things out loud makes the private life become public and usually the one confessing admits more fully what they are doing-they cannot hide anymore as the sin is exposed.  In addition, many do feel a burden lifted when publically confessing to another, and they feel as if they have come clean.  
    Occult Involvement
    Occult activity is all around us.  There are television shows that glorify communicating with spirits, there are horoscopes in the daily newspapers, and there are psychics on every street corner.  We are forbidden to practice any form of divination and we are forbidden to consult with people who use them.  This is how serious God views this…”A man or a woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death.  You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads,” (Leviticus 20:27).
    There are many forms of occult involvement.  There are people that do the occult activity (practitioners) and those that receive the information (clients).  This partial list is used to represent the major areas of occult involvement and the people that do them:
·         Witch : A person that practices magic spells.  A warlock is a male witch.  They may be white witches, black witches, green witches, solitary witches, and so on. 
·         Psychic : Those that receive supernatural information by special abilities.  For example, picking up an object and being able to tell the people that owned it and its history.  Or, being able to see who committed a crime by going to a crime scene and getting a vision.
·         Divination : A method used to tell the future or to discover hidden knowledge.  There are hundreds of ways to practice divination, such as palm reading, tea leaf reading, scrying (gazing into something like a crystal ball or a mirror), tarot card reading, and horoscope readings.  Divination is satan’s counterfeit for prophecy.  Divination is seeking supernatural information from someone besides God.  Demons inhabit divination practices because God will not honor them so demons are the ones communicating through them.
·         Necromancy : Summoning the dead to consult with them. You can either summon their spiritual form or dig up the body and invite them to speak through the corpse.
·         Medium : A person that lets spirits enter them and speak through them.
·         Séance : A procedure used to summon and communicate with the dead.  Many use spirit boards or other methods to contact the dead.
·         Channeling : Voluntarily allowing spirits to temporarily possess a person and speak through them.
·         Root doctor : A person that uses roots, plants, and herbs to put spells on people and also uses them to ward off spells and heal.  Generally these are used in voodoo practices.  One brief note should be mentioned here about hybrid beliefs. 

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