Eyes of Fire

Eyes of Fire by Heather Graham Read Free Book Online

Book: Eyes of Fire by Heather Graham Read Free Book Online
Authors: Heather Graham
    She would like to touch it and yank it right out of his head.
    He’d changed clothes for dinner, making her current, uncomfortable situation seem all the more ludicrous. He was dressed in casual evening attire, black pants, jacket, bone and crimson vest over a dress shirt. He was in absurdly good condition. He wasn’t breathing hard—only his hair had been mussed. Even his tie had remained straight, helping to maintain his look of casual elegance.
    She was going to die, she realized, if she didn’t breathe soon.
    She might have died! She’d never been afraid on the island, never even thought to be afraid. What might have happened if…?
    She inhaled, trying not to gasp too deeply for air. She couldn’t gush out a thank-you-for-my-life. She just couldn’t do it.
    â€œHe—he shouldn’t be a stranger anymore,” Sam gasped, rallying. “You should have caught him. You should be after him right now rather than humiliating me.”
    â€œYou’re humiliated?” he demanded, silver eyes cool.
    â€œHumiliation has never been your strong suit.”
    â€œWhat would you know about my strong suit? You don’t know me at all. You passed through my life years ago. Hundreds of people have passed through it since.”
    â€œHundreds with whom you’ve had affairs? In this day and age? Shame on you, Samantha. Really.”
    She stared at him with all the careful restraint she could manage, eyes narrowed. “Get off me and get out of my bedroom. Now.”
    â€œYeah. You’re welcome. But please, don’t deluge me with any more gratitude. I can’t deal with it. It would just go straight to my head.”
    â€œGod forbid. If anything else went to your head, it might explode.”
    â€œOh, really?”
    â€œDamn right!”
    â€œIn contrast to the Queen of the Seven Seas here, eh?”
    He rose—carefully, ready for her to start swinging again.
    She wouldn’t have minded doing so. Except that it wouldn’t have gotten her anywhere. Because he would have been right back on top of her. And that would not have been good. Because it was amazing just how vividly memory could serve—even when half a decade had passed.
    He stood above the bed, looking toward the door to her room. The room was shadowy; dusk was falling. She was grateful for the darkness, since she didn’t seem to be able to move and get any clothes.
    It just seemed so absurd for him to be here. She should have forgotten him; he should have forgotten her. They were hardly friends now. They hadn’t exactly parted on good terms. The words that passed between them now had quickly become sarcastic, scathing, when they should have been casual. But something remained after all that time.
    Bitterness. Anger. And more. Things left unresolved. Being near him was like entering an energy field where slashes of lightning cut furiously through the air.
    He was still in her room. Too close. Far too close.
    Some things changed. Chemistry stayed the same. And she was still…frightened. She could strike out at Adam, or cling to him.
    No. Oh, no.
    â€œYou should be going after him!” she said.
    He looked at her again. She was sorry she had spoken. She felt as if her entire body was blushing, as if her skin was burning right down to her feet.
    â€œWhat if it was a her?” he demanded.
    â€œIt could have been a woman.”
    â€œIt was a man. The height—”
    â€œThey’re making taller woman these days. Whoever it was, they weren’t much taller than you.”
    â€œIt was a man.”
    â€œBecause the chest was flat?”
    â€œHow amazing! I hadn’t thought you were aware that female chests could come in flat.”
    He leaned over her again, a half smile curving his mouth. “You’d be amazed at the amount of wonderfully sensual, sexy women who come in size

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