Finn, Amber - Her Prized Student (Siren Publishing Classic)

Finn, Amber - Her Prized Student (Siren Publishing Classic) by Amber Finn Read Free Book Online

Book: Finn, Amber - Her Prized Student (Siren Publishing Classic) by Amber Finn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amber Finn
as Blake thrust in and out. Avery reached her climax, and as her orgasm filled her vagina with her sweet wetness, Blake ejaculated and moaned in his release. They held each other, stroking one another’s faces, kissing intimately.
    “That was amazing, Blake.”
    “I agree, darling. No one can disagree with our compatibility in bed.”
    Avery sighed. “I’d like to think we have more than compatibility in bed, Blake.”
    “Yeah, sure. Of course.”
    “That sounded really sincere,” Avery said, disappointed that Blake wasn’t more enthusiastic. Avery felt as though she was the only one of them who felt more than just sexual feelings towards the other. “Look, Blake, if you are just in this for the sex, then let me know, please, so I know what the expectations are. But I have to be honest, I thought we were building something here.”
    “What’s the problem, Avery? We are, and I don’t think of our relationship as only about sex. But I don’t know what you expect from me. You can’t expect something to develop overnight.”
    “I know that, Blake, but it wasn’t long ago we were talking about getting to know each other outside the bedroom, and you were all for it. Now you are back to talking about how good we are in bed. Why the switch? Maybe there is something there for Leslie Preston?”
    “I can’t believe you would bring her into this conversation. How could you think I’d be attracted to her or let her influence what we are building?”
    “How could I not? You’ve pulled back, and it just so happens to coincide with her coming on to you? I’m not stupid, Blake, nor am I blind.”
    Blake stared at Avery. “Are you actually accusing me of being attracted to this girl? Even after I have told you I’m not?”
    “Why else would you schedule a private tutoring session with her when you would have suggested any other student visit the writing center?”
    Blake ran his hands through his hair. “I don’t know, Avery. Maybe because I let her flatter my teaching ego. Is that a crime?”
    “That’s an easy answer, Blake.”
    Blake got out of bed and got dressed. “Look, we aren’t going to get anywhere with this. I’m not attracted to Leslie Preston. Believe me, don’t believe me—that’s up to you. I’d like to continue with this relationship, with you that is, but I guess that’s up to you now.”
    “Of course it is. You’ve just given yourself an exit. Put it all on me, and you can wipe your hands free of this, can’t you?”
    “Avery, did you not just hear me? I want you. You decide if you want me.”
    With that, Blake stormed out of Avery’s bedroom and out of her house. She listened to him start his car and peel out of her driveway. She flung herself back onto the pillows.
    As tears fell from her eyes, she said, “I know you want me, Blake, but you’ve never said if you love me.” She rolled over, knowing that she had fallen in love with a man that had not returned her love and now he may never.

    * * * *

    Leslie Preston knocked on Blake’s door then smoothed her short skirt while she waited for him to answer. Her low-cut, V-necked top was a size too small and clung to her breasts, her taut nipples revealing she wore no bra. Blake answered the door and caught his breath as he couldn’t help but look her over. She was undoubtedly a very attractive young woman. Maybe he did agree to this tutoring session because he was attracted to her. Could Avery be right? Blake let Leslie in and showed her to the couch and suggested she put her books on the coffee table. He asked her if she’d like a drink, Leslie reminded him she wasn’t twenty-one yet and asked for a Diet Coke. He sat down beside her and asked to see the essay she was currently working on. She leaned over to pull it out of her folder, revealing her full, creamy white breasts, and Blake found it difficult to breathe. He picked up his beer and downed the rest of it.
    “Need another?” he asked.
    Leslie laughed. “I’m barely

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