Forever Kind of Guy

Forever Kind of Guy by Khelsey Jackson Read Free Book Online

Book: Forever Kind of Guy by Khelsey Jackson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Khelsey Jackson
    “Please call me when you get home.”
    Sadly she smiled and closed her eyes. “Okay. Talk to you in a few then. Bye Stefan.” She didn’t wait to him tell her good bye she just pressed the end button, and started to drive.
    She didn’t go home. S he just didn’t want to be alone. She pulled in a driveway and smiled up at the house. It was white with scarlet red trimming. It was the house she’d grown up in, and hadn’t been to in almost two years. After her mother passed away she didn’t want to go there, so her father came to her house for holidays. But for some reason she didn’t want to be alone and she felt a pull to go there.
    She noticed that the kitchen light was still on, and slowly she got out of the car. She walked up the sidewalk and grimaced at the broken walkway. She’d always remembered her childhood home in the perfect condition it was in when she’d left at eighteen. Now it looked like it needed a huge extreme make-over. In the past two years, the house had fallen apart and she had tried to talk her father in selling it, but he wouldn’t.
    She gla nced at her key ring, found the pink key and opened the door. She knew her father was still awake, because he didn’t sleep all the much since her mother had died. She walked in and found him watching the TV, he looked at her and smiled.
    “Hey sweetie, are you okay?”
    She smiled at her father and went over to him. “Yes dad, I just wanted to see you.” Normally he would come and see her and once in a while he would stay over at her house.
    Her father was a tall man , standing at just over six feet tall, and he was still fairly handsome with sandy blonde hair and light blue eyes. “Well it’s nice to see you, I’ve missed you.”
    Her heart nearly broke with the sadness she heard in his voice. “Oh dad.” She wrapped her arms around him.


    Chapter Six
    Gretchen woke up the next morning in her old bedroom. Her phone was beeping, telling her that she had a new message. She had plugged it in next to her old twin bed so it would be easier for her to get to it. She looked at the text message and smiled. Stefan had been texting her all morning. She scrolled up to see the first one he left.
    Are you home yet? You said you would text me when you got home.
    Crap she had forgotten to text him.
    You can come over if you want. Call me and I’ll give you my address.
    Now she was feeling bad, but last night she and her father had talked for a long time about things that needed to be talked about. She’d told him that it was time for him to sell the house. She looked at the last text message that was sent a few minutes ago.
    Gretchen if you don’t text me or call me back , I will come over. I need to know if you are okay.
    Texting would take too long so she called him.
    He picked up after one ring. “So you are alive.”
    She sat up and bit her lip, he sounded pissed off. “I am sorry I didn’t text you back, I’m at my dad’s and we had to talk about some things.”
    She heard him sigh, and she smiled. “But you’re okay , right?”
    “Yes.” She decided that she wouldn’t ask to see him again , that he would have to ask and they sat there as silence filled the phone from both ends.
    “Can I see you tonight?”
    She smiled because he wanted to see her. She wanted to do a happy dance. “Sure I’ll be home at seven.” She had to meet with Laura at eight the next morning to finalize her divorce. “But I have a meeting in the morning.”
    Stefan didn’t say anything for what seemed like forever. “Fine . I’ll see you a little after seven.” He hung up without saying ‘good bye’ and she frowned.
    She liked like the crabby Stefan. Slowly she got out of bed and walked to t he bathroom. She hated that the house had only had one bathroom growing up. It sucked, but now it didn’t matter to her.
    After her shower , she did her hair and makeup and headed downstairs. She found her father drinking coffee at the kitchen

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