Forget Me Not (Escape Contemporary Romance)

Forget Me Not (Escape Contemporary Romance) by Nina Blake Read Free Book Online

Book: Forget Me Not (Escape Contemporary Romance) by Nina Blake Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nina Blake
Now he knew.
    . The sun was shining, the warm air tempered by a gentle breeze, and whichever direction he looked in provided a perfect picture. Boats dotted the harbour, the water a shade of blue reserved for holiday postcards. Behind him The Rocks lay nestled by the bay, and ahead was the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
    He turned to Claire. ‘Do you mean that ugly freeway we walked beside leads to that magnificent bridge?’
    ‘I guess it has.’
    Looking across at one of the giant pylons at the foot of the bridge, he began to lift his gaze, eyes fixed on the dark figures overhead on the steel girders. They weren’t on the pedestrian underpass but appeared to be walking across the massive beams in an orderly fashion. Stefan wondered what on earth they were up to.
    ‘There are people up there,’ he said.
    ‘Yes, they’re doing the bridge climb,’ Claire replied, as if that explained it.
    ‘You mean you can climb that thing?’
    ‘Sure. They have guided walks.’
    He felt suddenly excited. ‘Then, let’s do it.’
    ‘We can’t.’
    ‘Why not?’
    ‘You have to book ahead and it takes over three hours. It’s expensive, too.’ Claire added, ‘Not that that’s an issue.’
    Maybe the fresh air and the outdoors were the cause—such a reprieve after the city centre—or perhaps it was the warmth of sunshine on his skin, but Stefan began feel… good. There was a big world out there. There was hope.
    ‘Have we done this climb before?’ he asked.
    Claire shook her head. ‘You always wanted to.’
    ‘So, why didn’t I?’
    ‘I guess you didn’t have the time.’
    ‘Sounds like a poor excuse.’
    Claire raised her eyebrows. ‘Don’t blame me.’
    ‘Okay, I’ll blame the old me. The new me is going to do the bridge climb one day. With you.’
    In the sun, Claire’s pale hair shimmered in tones that varied from blond to caramel, the perfect complement to her warm brown eyes. Her lips had curled into a full smile and Stefan realised she was enjoying the day every bit as much as he was. She finally looked relaxed.
    ‘Let’s make our way down to the park,’ she said.
    ‘Sounds good.’
    They ambled down a steep path, and it seemed that whichever way Stefan turned, there was a vista of perfection before him.
    ‘I wish I’d brought my camera. I do have a camera, don’t I?’
    ‘Sure you do.’
    He pointed to his left as they reached the bottom of the incline. ‘Because that would make a great photo. I could use the bridge overhead and the street post to frame a shot of that amusement park across the water. What the name of it?’
    ‘Luna Park and, believe me, it’s been in plenty of photos.’
    The park in which they were standing was sparse, just a patch of green, but its surroundings it made it spectacular: the bridge, with the Opera House across the harbour and the glorious weather of the day.
    Stefan was surprised to see that there were three small bridal parties having their photos taken in the park. One couple was Indian, another Japanese, and the other looked Middle Eastern, the bride’s head fully covered in a Muslim veil.
    ‘This feels surreal,’ Stefan said. ‘Like I’ve walked onto a film set.’
    Claire laughed. ‘I know what you mean.’
    ‘I wasn’t trying to be funny.’
    ‘No, but you have a good way of putting things. And you’re right. It does feel odd.’
    They watched as the Japanese groom held a small camera out at arm’s length, taking a few snaps photo of himself and his bride while their photographer set up his tripod. The photographer then proceeded to take pictures of an older couple, presumably the parents of the bride or groom. Otherwise, they were alone—the small party must have flown to Sydney just for the wedding.
    The groom held the camera out to Stefan and pointed to himself and his new wife asking with gestures if Stefan would take their photo. The day was getting progressively stranger.
    Taking the camera, Stefan walked over to the other side of the couple, so

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