From Pack to Pride

From Pack to Pride by Amber Kell Read Free Book Online

Book: From Pack to Pride by Amber Kell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amber Kell
Tags: shifters, M/M Paranormal Romance
Adrian wasn’t going to contradict him.
    As Talan slid onto the bed beside him, Adrian’s instincts screamed for him to claim the big shifter, but if he gave in now he would always be the one who gave in. Talan needed to make the first move.
    “I thought you lions had a bunch of rules to follow. What happened to taking it slow and easy?”
    Talan tilted his head to look at Adrian. “Are you trying to get out of being my mate?” Adrian felt a burst of panic as he thought of being the only wolf in a pride of lions.
    What would his life be like without his pack? “I don’t know how to live without a pack,” Adrian confessed.
    Amber Kell
    Talan looked at him for a long while. “Honey, you don’t have to live without your pack.
    They are only four hours away. You can visit them every full moon. As long as you come back to me, I’m not going to stop you from visiting your brother’s pack.”
    “My pack.”
    Talan gave Adrian a tender look. “I’m hoping over time you will look upon my pride as your pack. You might be the only wolf in a group of lions, but you will be the most important to me.”
    “Don’t you want to take it slow? We have six months to make a decision.” Talan shook his head. “I have a feeling if I don’t pin you down now, you might slip between my fingers.”
    “After what Dillon told me, I thought you had to follow procedures or your lion might not accept me.” Adrian wasn’t ready for this. He’d figured there’d be a lot more negotiating and give and take. Nothing had prepared him for the large lion shifter accepting him so easily as his mate.
    “My lion likes you just fine.”
    “He does, does he?” Adrian teased sliding back a little.
    “Where are you going?” Talan growled.
    He scooted back a little more, watching the big lion’s eyes watching him. It was time for a little chase. With smooth liquid motions, Adrian did a back flip over the side of the bed and took off.
    Growling, Talan ran after him. “You know cats love a good game of chase.”
    “I thought you only chased your tail?”
    Adrian was small but agile, easily evading the other man, smiling at the light of enjoyment in Talan’s eyes.
    Talan leapt over the bed and landed in front of Adrian. Anticipating the move, Adrian slipped out of the space seconds after Talan arrived. Laughing he ran to the other side of the room. Not too quickly, he did want to get caught.
    He blew Talan a kiss.
    Talan laughed. “I’d rather do that in person.” Distracted with the image in his head, Adrian lost his chance to escape.
    Amber Kell
    “Got you.” Talan grabbed Adrian, wrapping him in the cage of his strong arms and spinning him around. “Thought you could get away from me, did you?”
    “Mmmhmm. You fooled me,” Adrian said. He slid his hand down, memorizing the shape of Talan’s cock in his hand. The shifter was excited after chasing Adrian around and it showed. Adrian was pleased when the larger man’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure and he started purring.
    “Umm. Y-yeah, I-I s-showed you.”
    Adrian smiled. He’d gotten the big guy to stutter, score one for the wolf.
    He was proud that he only yelped a little when Talan lifted him off his feet.
    “Don’t think I’m going to let your hot body distract me from making you my mate.”
    “I kind of thought that would help,” Adrian gasped as he was gently laid on the bed again.
    Talan gave him a predatory smile as he smoothly covered Adrian with his body.
    Heated skin-to-skin contact made Adrian flush all over. Excitement had hardened his body while Talan chased him around the room but the feel of the lion lying across him made him ready to explode.
    He forced himself to lie passively beneath Talan because he could see the lion close to the surface and he didn’t want to disturb the creature crouching just beneath his lover’s skin.
    Talan’s pupils elongated and his fangs slid

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