Full Circle
her mouth
and turned her attention once more out the window as the limousine
slowed even more.
    He couldn’t wait to see her expression when
she saw what waited for them next.
    * * *
    Less than an hour after being kidnapped from Greek
Tony’s, Karma got out of the car at the airport and shivered
against the cold wind. Once again, Mark had outdone himself, and
she didn’t even know where they were going, yet. What she did know
was that he’d taken care of everything, which apparently included
chartering a private jet.
    She turned toward the Learjet being loaded
with their luggage. Wherever they were going, Mark had been right
about one thing. They were most definitely traveling in style.
    She glanced from Mark to the jet and back
again. Watching him give instructions to the steward loading their
luggage, a passing thought stuttered to a stop in her mind. Just
how big was Mark’s bank account? She’d never thought about that
before, but now, with a private jet and a trip over an ocean to
God-knew-where in her immediate future, and an expensive limousine
ride behind her, his financial position seemed a bit more
interesting. Not in a gold digger kind of way, but a
why-haven’t-I-ever-thought-about-this? way.
    He drove a hundred-thousand-dollar car, had
lived in a luxury apartment in downtown Chicago before moving to
Indianapolis, and wore suits from the top designers. Gold
cufflinks, Montblanc pens, Italian shoes. Money never seemed to be
an issue for him. And she’d seen a couple of impressive pieces of
jewelry in his apartment once, but didn’t want to think about that
now. The point was, in the face of all that materialism, how had
she never pondered the state of his bank account?
    Perhaps because it had never seemed
important. Or maybe because she’d never seen him spend this kind of
money in one pop. The limo ride was one thing, but chartering a
private jet went beyond extravagant, especially since he seemed too
familiar with how things were done for this to be the first time
he’d traveled with his own personal flight crew.
    Mark helped load the last of their bags then
turned toward her with a smile.
    One month with him felt like both a lifetime
and a blink. In some ways, the time had blown by, and in others, it
passed at a snail’s pace.
    “You ready?” Mark took her hand.
    She took comfort in the warmth his touch
provided. “Given I have no idea where we’re going and haven’t flown
in years, I suppose I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”
    “Come on.” He tugged her toward the jet.
“Paradise awaits.”
    Paradise? They had to fly over an ocean to
get there? Her heart suddenly froze. “Wait! My passport. I
    “Taken care of.”
    “But . . .” The last she
remembered, her passport was in her files at home. She didn’t carry
it with her everywhere she went.
    Mark swept her toward him, his gaze
reassuring and confident as he curled his hand around her neck and
ran the pad of his thumb over her cheek. “Don’t worry. I have
    Relaxing, she sighed. “You do?”
    He nodded and dipped down for a tender,
chaste kiss. “I’ve taken care of everything.”
    Taking another deep breath, she nodded then
glanced from the limo to the jet. She should have known he wouldn’t
forget her passport. After all, this was Mark. “You’ve thought of
everything, haven’t you?”
    “Every last detail.” The way he said it sent
a ripple of awareness through her blood. Maybe it was the brief
pause before he answered, or the quiet way he let the words flow
smoothly from his mouth, or perhaps the way the skin around his
eyes pinched then softened, but something about this trip was
    Mark never did anything without a reason.
She’d learned that during their sex lessons two summers ago. Every
move Mark made had a purpose. And while this was their one-month
anniversary, she had a feeling there was more to this trip than
just that.
    With a frosty wind biting her ears and nose,
she followed

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