Gunpowder Chowder

Gunpowder Chowder by Lyndsey Cole Read Free Book Online

Book: Gunpowder Chowder by Lyndsey Cole Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lyndsey Cole
Tags: General Fiction
pulled in with his window down and made a big deal of checking his watch. “Come on you two. If you want to find your new appliances today, we’d better get a move on.” He climbed from his car. “You drive so you get a better feel for the town,” Jack said to Hannah, not giving her a chance to decline the offer.
    Cal opened the back door, letting Nellie jump in first, and he tucked his long legs behind the passenger seat. “Hey Jack. Slide your seat up so I have a little more room back here.”
    Jack did as he was asked.
    Hannah maneuvered onto the street. “Someone needs to tell me where we’re going.” She turned her head to make a quick glance at Jack next to her.
    Cal took charge and directed her through town, pointing out various businesses. He offered a little background and suggested, what he considered, to be the best places for Hannah to shop. “Pull in here. This isn’t your big box store but Al carries quality and he has decent prices. He’ll give me a discount as your contractor, too.”
    Cal suggested particular appliances, considering price and features. He narrowed the choices down to a couple, letting Hannah make the final decision. It was a lot to process and became a blur for her. She was thankful that Cal knew what he was doing and she trusted him to get the best prices for her.
    “Okay,” Cal said when they were back on the street. “I’ll pick everything up with my truck to save on a delivery charge.” He looked at Hannah. “What’s next?”
    Hannah looked at Jack for suggestions. “How about we take a drive up the coast. Hannah should have a feel for the area so she can make recommendations to her renters.”
    Oceanside Drive meandered past weathered homes, various restaurants, and numerous gift shops. “You should make a list in case anyone asks you for suggestions. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try a few restaurants before you recommend them,” Jack advised.
    “Do you think you can find your way back without our help?” Cal asked.
    Hannah reached into her small canvas tote bag and pulled out her smart phone. She punched in her address. “Sure. I live in the modern world, you know.”
    Jack chuckled. “What will you do when your phone dies?”
    She pulled out her car phone charger. “I guess you’ve resisted the modern conveniences,” Hannah teased.
    Her phone directed her to turn around and follow Oceanside Drive back to Hooks Harbor. They all laughed out loud. Hannah said, “Even I could have figured this out.”
    As they drove through town, Jack told Hannah to pull over at the town center. “You two wait here, okay? I want to talk to Noah for a minute.”
    Cal and Hannah chatted easily. He told her about the upcoming Christmas by the Sea Celebration which included a Clam Chowder Cook Off. “It pulls in a lot of visitors which helps businesses at this time of year. And it’s a lot of fun.” He asked, “You’ve never come here before? Even when you were younger?”
    “We used to come until I was about twelve.” She shrugged. “Caroline and my father had a falling out. Communication broke off between her and my dad, her only nephew. I don’t even know what all the drama was about. Caroline kept in touch with me over the years, much to the irritation of my father.”
    “Why did she leave her place to you?”
    Hannah shrugged. “Everyone told me I look like her, at least when she was younger. I think she wanted to annoy my folks. And, it was either going to me or my sister Ruby, but she has a career and wouldn’t be able to uproot as easily.”
    Jack got back into the car, slamming the door. “Such rudeness. Since when did this younger generation become so hostile to their elders?”
    “He’s eighteen? It’s a difficult age with everyone asking what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. Heck, I’m still trying to figure that out and I’m already twenty seven!” She laughed, trying to lighten the mood for Jack’s sake.
    “It’s a

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