Hat Trick (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Hat Trick (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Lynn Tyler Read Free Book Online

Book: Hat Trick (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Lynn Tyler Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lynn Tyler
Tags: Romance
bigger man’s soft words and stroking hand to lull him to sleep.

Chapter 5
    Nathan leaned against the boards, taking a quick moment to catch his breath as he watched Jeremy zip down the ice in hot pursuit of the puck. That boy was a damn good left wing. It surprised him how good the kid was. He’d always found that, if a player wasn’t completely in love with the sport, they might be good but would never great. Jeremy had proved him wrong.
    He guzzled some water, swishing it around his mouth before spitting it out. It was a habit that completely disgusted Rachel, and many other women he suspected, but it quenched his thirst somewhat without giving him crippling cramps. He almost didn’t need the drink since his mouth watered so much at the sight of Jeremy’s tearing across the arena. The man gave everything he had to whatever he was doing, whether it was a game, dry land training, playing a video game, or making love.
    The last couple of months had flown by in a blur of pleasure. Jeremy had joined them every night in bed. He’d grown bolder in bed with Rachel, putting her pleasure first. At the same time, he’d grown more submissive where Nathan was concerned, throwing caution to the wind and letting Nathan direct their lovemaking. The only thing that Jeremy balked at was any form of man love. Nathan ached to sink into Jeremy’s tight, virgin ass as the other man plunged into his wife’s willing pussy. But aside from their first night together when Nathan had rubbed off to a spectacular orgasm on Jeremy’s ass, there had been nothing else remotely sexual between the two of them.
    The general manager, Terry Ferguson, leaned his arms on the boards next to Nathan and watched Jeremy pull off a complicated play. “I hear Reiner is still staying with you and your wife. How’s that going?”
    Nathan took another mouthful of water, swallowing it this time. It wouldn’t do to spit on his boss’s shoes, after all. “It’s great, actually. He’s a good kid, and I appreciate the company when Rachel is out for work.”
    It wasn’t a lie either. Jeremy was a lot of fun to have around. He had a tendency to leave the room if a television show was getting too suspenseful, which Nathan found absolutely adorable. He played video games with his whole body. He was playful, affectionate, and sensual. A knuckle tap or a high five was never enough with Jeremy. He had to bump you with his hip or sling an arm around your shoulders. Nathan had even had those long fingers stroke absently over the back of his hand while they’d just sat and talked in front of the television late one night after Rachel had gone to bed. He didn’t think Jeremy had even noticed how he was touching him. He’d never mentioned it, not wanting Jeremy to stop the caress or be embarrassed about it.
    Rachel enjoyed having him around, too. Jeremy had taken Rachel out on the town a few times. Once Jeremy had sat through a shopping trip where he’d allowed Rachel to pick out his entire wardrobe. Another time, Jeremy had taken her out for Chinese when Nathan had had a meeting with his agent and couldn’t make it back in time for dinner. He really was the whole package, and Nathan had the uncomfortable feeling he could very well be falling in love with the younger man.
    He often had to pause and examine his feelings lately. He was still desperately in love with his wife, probably even more in love now than when they had first gotten married, but his deepening feelings for Jeremy confused and frightened him. While he had confessed to Rachel very early on that he was sexually attracted to both men and women, he had promised to love only her, and he had meant that vow. Falling in love with someone else felt like he was betraying her. And yet, he couldn’t seem to let Jeremy go.
    “Earth to Vaughan. Nathan?” Nathan blinked out of his thoughts only to see the general manager’s hand waving in front of his face.
    “Yeah, sorry. What did you say?” Nathan

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