Heart You

Heart You by Rene Folsom Read Free Book Online

Book: Heart You by Rene Folsom Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rene Folsom
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction, Romantic Erotica, Lgbt, bisexual
Heart You
    Impatiently doodling hearts
around our names as I waited for my roommate to come home seemed like the best
way to pass the time. I know heart doodles may seem childish to you, but I
couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone about my infatuation. So, I figured
fantasizing about her in my personal journal would suffice… for now.
    To be honest, I’ve never been
the type of person to go for a girl, but there was something about Kara that
made my heart flutter every time she spoke my name. Considering we were not
only roommates, but also best friends, that happened quite often, leaving me in
a constant state of sexual frustration.
    She was not only perfectly
beautiful, but her personality always seemed to lift my spirits. Her smile
alone would light up a room and make everyone pay attention. The mesmerizing
part of it all was that she didn’t flaunt her sexual powers like most women do.
She knew she was the most desirable thing around, yet she didn’t take it upon
herself to act like a total streetwalker. Her humble manner made her that much
more of a catch—in my mind anyway.
    Valentine’s Day was always the hardest for me because Kara
was insistent on landing a man so she wouldn’t have to spend the evening alone.
I wish she would consider time with me to be good enough. Then again, I haven’t
let on that I have feelings for her beyond our friendship. So, it’s doubtful
she would even think to spend time alone with me on a romantic holiday.
    The past two years I’ve known her, I went along with her
game and allowed her to set me up with some pretty horrific dates. This year, I
decided to keep my dignity and sit this one out.
    “Samantha Mae! Get your ass out here! I’ve got a surprise!” As
soon as I heard Kara’s voice, my heart began to pound wildly in my chest. Hurriedly,
I slammed my journal shut and stuffed it under my mattress, grabbing a book off
my nightstand and pretending to read, just in time for her to poke her head into
my bedroom door. She swept her light brown hair out of her face as she peeked
in on me.
    “Sam! Get your nose out of that book and come out here. We’re
going to play a game,” she said, just before turning and skipping back down the
hall with a black rose dangling from her hands. Her short skirt bounced,
showing just a hint of her ass and revealing she was wearing thongs tonight. Either
that or she was bold enough to wear nothing.
    Oh, Christ. I hoped
this was a game of the strip poker kind. Although, if she were naked in front
of me tonight, I doubt I’d hold back my desire for her. The sexual tension in
my clit was rising with each passing moment.
    Following the path she took, I began making my way down the
hall and heard the rumbling laugh of a man. Shit.
Just what I need. Spending the evening watching her drool all over some
meathead was exactly how I planned to spend my V-day. Not.
    Then again, I wouldn’t mind sharing if it meant I got to be
with Kara. Just once, I wanted to taste her. If I had to bed the meathead in
order to do it, so be it—the lucky bastard.
    With a shrug, I rounded the corner to our living room just as
an over-filled water balloon came soaring in my direction, pelting me in the
center of my chest. The chill from the ice-cold water soaked through my clothes
and trailed down my bare legs. I guess I should thank my landlord for putting
tile in last week.
    “What the hell!” I yelled as I looked down at my light pink
tank that was now completely soaked and leaving nothing to the imagination. What
a night to go without a bra. My nipples stood at attention in reaction to the
cold water, the dark circles totally visible through the soaked pink of my
frail and amazingly thin top.
    “Well, I’ll be damned. Kara was right. These water balloons
were worth every penny,” a gruff voice said through fits of laughter. His
laughter was contagious and I couldn’t keep the smirk from spilling across my
    “Damn it, Daniel! What did you do?” Kara

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