Heat by Jamie K. Schmidt Read Free Book Online

Book: Heat by Jamie K. Schmidt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jamie K. Schmidt
third didn’t. Needing one more for what he had in mind, Max tried Clint, who was onboard.
    “I’ll be right there,” Clint said.
    Max checked in on Angie, who shivered when the door opened.
    “When are we going to start?”
    “When I say so.” He put enough bite into his voice that she quivered. He closed the door on her.
    Steve arrived first. He was bald, with a skull tattoo on his head. He was also pierced in more places than Max wanted to know.
    “Who’s the sub?” he asked.
    “Angie. Her safe word is ‘Versace,’ but she won’t use it. She likes to give oral.”
    “My lucky day,” Steve said. Max followed him into the room and sat on the break table.
    “Open, slave,” Steve said.
    “Max, are you there?” she said.
    “I’m here.”
    She opened her mouth wide. Steve unbuttoned his pants and guided his cock into her mouth. He held her head as he went deep until she made a little protest in her throat, and then he rocked with a hard rhythm.
    Micah was next. He had to tap Max on the shoulder to get his attention. He was transfixed by the way Angie relaxed into Steve’s thrusts.
    “You need me?” Micah asked.
    “Yeah, Angie’s wearing too many clothes. See what you can do about that.”
    Steve eased out of her mouth. “You okay with that, Sunshine?”
    “Yes,” she croaked.
, Sunshine?” Steve guided his cock over her lips.
    “Yes, Master.”
    “Better.” He plunged himself back into her mouth and resumed the relentless assault.
    Micah knelt behind her and unclipped her bra. “Aren’t you pretty?” he said, sliding his hands down her sides.
    Steve groaned. “She likes that.”
    Unbuttoning her skirt, Micah rolled it up so it was like a belt around her waist, leaving her butt cheeks exposed.
    “Make those nice and red, if you please, Master Micah,” Max ordered and watched Micah swat Angie several hard wallops. Angie screeched around Steve’s cock with each slap. Max’s eyes drooped and he shifted his erection so it was more comfortable. He controlled his breathing like the tantric lessons taught. But damn, he liked to watch.
    Steve’s body went rigid. “You want to swallow, Sunshine?” he gasped out.
    Angie was beyond rational thought; she strained closer to him.
    “She gives permission,” Max said.
    Steve finished with slow, sure strokes. Angie gasped when he finally pulled free, darting her tongue to catch every last drop.
    “Very nice, Sunshine.” Steve buttoned himself up and kissed her on the forehead.
    “Thank you, Master,” she said.
    “I think you owe Master Micah thanks, too,” Max said.
    “Thank you, Master Micah,” she breathed.
    “Not that way. Micah, take her at your pleasure.”
    Micah shed his clothes and lay on the floor. “Over here, slave,” he said, guiding her leg so she straddled him. “Ride me,” he ordered.
    Angie’s balance was off because her hands were tied behind her back, but with a little help from Micah, she engulfed his cock and moved up and down on it.
    “Faster,” Micah said, slapping her thigh.
    A gasp behind him had Max turning around. Clint had walked in, but he had Mallory with him.
    “Is there someone there?” Angie asked.
    “Yes,” Max told her.
    Angie’s body shook as her orgasm took her. Micah ground deep inside her. She cried out. But Max couldn’t take his eyes off Mallory’s shocked face. She didn’t run away. That had to be a good sign. He couldn’t tell if she was aroused or not, but she was transfixed. His fingers ached to touch her. Max wanted to walk around behind her, push her blond locks behind her ear, and nibble at the tender flesh. He wondered if he pressed his erection against her whether she would rub back or flinch away.
    “Clint is going to finish the scene, Angie. Have fun.”
    Max held out his hand. It took a moment, but Mallory took it.
    “Shouldn’t you close the door?” Mallory asked in a small voice after they left the room.
    Max shook his head. “Not

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