Strictland Academy

Strictland Academy by Breanna Hayse, Carolyn Faulkner Read Free Book Online

Book: Strictland Academy by Breanna Hayse, Carolyn Faulkner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Breanna Hayse, Carolyn Faulkner
gave April one more warning nipple twist before
leaving the room.

inch of their bodies, both inside and out, throbbed painfully, as the three
were marched to Headmaster Judas's office.   Like all the other rooms, it was dingy and drab, furnished for
practicality and not comfort or warmth.   There were no family pictures, no carpeting, and the furnishings were
limited to a single desk, chair and bookcase.   A plain white-faced clock ticked on one
wall, and the Book of Declarations was laid open on top of the scratched,
worm-holed desk.
Hazel set the files atop the scarred surface and positioned the girls with
instructions to remain at attention.   She administered swats with one of her readily available implements
until their stances conformed to her exacting demands.   Before she departed, she untied their
wrists and left them with a warning:   “ Wait
here for the Headmaster.   Do not
move a muscle.   Your backsides will
not be able to tolerate much more punishment today."
he entered, the Headmaster paused to silently study the condition of their bare
bottoms, not physically touching them as he demanded they bend over the edge of
the desk.   He made several comments
about their bruises, including the area covered, the different shapes of the
marks, and the various shades of red that had been achieved.   He ordered them to return to attention
and retrieved an enormous leather, guitar-shaped paddle from his desk drawer.
    “ Remain
at attention, girls.   I want you to
lace your fingers tightly behind your head and spread your legs as wide as you
can without losing balance or falling forward."
and fear prevented their rapid compliance to his instructions.   Tsking, he swatted each of them with the
large implement, its considerable size catching both raw cheeks at once.   The three hastened to do as instructed, yet
he continued to slap their bottoms with casual indifference.   Each was corrected after receiving at
least three harsh smacks that caught the underside of their cheeks.   They struggled not to wobble and
repeatedly failed.   Finally
satisfied with their positions, the man placed the big leather paddle on his
desk and sat down.   He laced his
fingers together and leaned forward to talk, the light catching the clouded
scars in his eyes.
    “ You
girls have each conducted a severe transgression that resulted in your
placement into the criminal justice system.   You're barely legal adults, and your
small misbehaviors have grown to amazing proportions.   Things such as staying out past curfew,
defiance and rebellion towards your parents or another authority figure, use of
foul language, use of alcohol, or taking up with someone of questionable
character, eventually graduated to worse things, didn't it?"
      He glanced down at the files on his
desk.   "Let's see what type of
mischief you three conducted.   Molly
Petry was arrested for shoplifting.   Hmm, it seems that the entire act was not only caught on a surveillance
camera, but that she offered a very inappropriate gesture using her middle
finger as she left the area.   Patricia Franklin was placed in corrective custody after she had
physical contact with a law officer.   Why would she have done such a foolish thing?   Oh, I see!   She had consumed alcohol and had done so
under the age of thirty!   April
Compton was found guilty of theft and was out after sundown.   Where you inviting the boys to fornicate
with you, Compton?   Shame on all of
took a dramatic pause before continuing.   “ Our
society follows strict rules and adhere to stringent penalties for a
reason.   We wish to raise a
civilization better than the one that was destroyed, and the only way that will
happen is if we produce men and women who abide and respect society ’ s laws.   There is no room for rebels in our fight
for food, clean water and the luxury of warmth. Because your crimes were
considered nonviolent, and

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