Hell Bent

Hell Bent by Emma Fawkes Read Free Book Online

Book: Hell Bent by Emma Fawkes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emma Fawkes
get it over with so I can go back to bed and get some sleep? I do have to be at work at seven AM. I work the first shift.”
    “Wha-what?” I stutter.
    “Which part do you not understand? The part about doing it now or the part about what time I have to be at work?”
    I am absolutely speechless. It is one of those trick questions but for the life of me, I can’t straighten my thoughts enough to give a smart ass answer. All I can do is stare at her barely concealed femininity framed by her tanned, smooth legs.
    “Look, I don’t have all night,” she is saying in an annoyed voice. “Do you want to fuck here on the sofa, or shall we go into the bedroom? I prefer the bed because I can wash the sheets, but you look like you might not last that long so maybe I should just lie back and you can do your thing and leave…huh?”
    This is the last thing I expected. Well, to be frank, I have no idea what was going to happen. But not this. I like to take charge of the situation, take the life by its horns. Susie though? She doesn’t want to let me. There’s more to her than I could’ve ever imagined. I don’t know how to react to her sassy attitude—I’m lost. I set the can down on the coffee table, stand, and turn toward the door.
    “I don’t know why I came, but this is not what I expected,” I say over my shoulder.
    “Oh, no? What did you expect?” she is mocking me again.
    I hate this. She always fights to get on top. It makes me want to tame her, but right now I don’t know how.
    “I came over to just talk to you…to get to know you better. Actually, I have no idea why I am here.”
    “Liar.” Her word is soft and so sexy, I almost turn and throw her down on the sofa.
    “Thank you,” I say in a quiet voice.
    “For keeping me from making a huge mistake,” I say as I open the door and close it behind myself.
    The dew is heavy on the grass and the paper boy is biking by. The dogs begin barking at him this time, and I find my way to my Explorer. My hand is shaking, and my brain is reeling. What the fuck is this?
    I get into the vehicle and look out toward her apartment. I see her standing in her living room, framed by the drapes. She is lifting the edge of her sleep shirt ever so slightly, standing with her feet apart, mocking me with the vision. I swallow hard, start the engine, and pull away from the curb.
    Where does she come off acting like this? I just don’t get her. Sure, I might be a bit crazy showing up this time of the night, but what is behind her in-your-face behavior? She is going on the offense before the play is even called.
    This is a night I will not forget for a very, very long time.

Chapter Eight
    I ’m watching him pull away from the curb, and my knees are shaking as I replay what just took place in my mind. Why in the hell did I do that? It feels like I am jumping into someone else’s mind and letting it run my body. I’m not a slut, not even remotely close. He doesn’t know that, though…I am blowing whatever chance I might have to know him better. At least, I had the decency to throw on a t-shirt. I like to sleep in the nude, but he doesn’t know that, obviously.
    What the hell is the matter with me?

    “ S o , what happened?” Milly is standing in front of my nursing station, not wearing scrubs. This means she is here because she wants to talk to me and is not on duty.
    “What do you mean?” I pretend I have no idea what she is talking about. If I can help it, she will never know anything about the disgrace I am feeling right now.
    “You know very well what I mean. Bryce calls us, not once but twice in the middle of the night, looking for your phone and address, and you’re going to stand there, calmly checking inventory and not tell me what happened?”
    “He showed up at my door, drank a little soda, and then left.”
    “I don’t believe you, Susie. Nothing with you is ever that simple.”
    “I swear, Milly. That is all that happened. I went back

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