Her Demon Prince (Forbidden Fantasy)

Her Demon Prince (Forbidden Fantasy) by Cathleen Ross Read Free Book Online

Book: Her Demon Prince (Forbidden Fantasy) by Cathleen Ross Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cathleen Ross
clutching her so hard her fingernails dug into her arms. “He’s a
demon's gaze focused on Rachael. "Healer, you know it is not so. You are
the one who told me so."
he talking about, Rach?" Phoebe asked.
don't know," Rachael said.
of the ten rocks spluttered out, quickly followed by another.
froze, bewildered by the instinct that there was something more to him than the
dangerous reality of what stood before her. Disbelief still punctuated her
mind. Although he looked like a man, the flesh and blood being that stood in
front of her could not possibly be human. He must be a demon. With her heart
pulsing in her throat, she untangled herself from Rachael and took one step
forward. “And why are you calling me, ‘princess’?”
rock died out.
were my princess in the last life you lived, before my brother, this traitor,
the son of a fallen angel, Galaden, betrayed me.” The demon turned and his
furious gaze fell on the carved angel statue standing next to him. He slammed
the invisible barrier but failed to penetrate it before turning back to her,
his eyes no longer glowing, his look beseeching. “Do it now! Remove the rocks.
There’s no time.”
do it, Phoebe. Get out of here. The rocks are made from shale. They only burn
for minutes. There aren’t many left,” Rachael cried.
as sharp as a blade, stabbed Phoebe. She recognized the snapshot of her dream
coming to light before her eyes. The demon and the angel were mortal enemies.
She remembered the angel’s wing covering her and yet...trying to remember more
was like catching clouds.
do you desire to become Galaden’s concubine?” the demon asked.
do you mean?” Phoebe asked.
angel, Galaden, means to rape you before he kills you. We have but moments
before he comes to life.”
flooded her mind as she glanced over at the statue of the angel she’d carved. She
blinked. The marble seemed to be changing color just like the demon had done,
the stone becoming translucent. Oh good God, what was happening? Too many years
of Baptist bible study permeated her senses. “I don’t believe you. Angels don’t
rocks flared and died.
me, they make the most deadly of enemies,” the demon said.
Rachael said.
deep frown creased his brow as he stared down at Rachael. “Do you dream of your
past life with Galaden? Do you remember the fate he delivered to your door?
Even you were fooled by his evil. You loved him once.”
hand went to her throat and her back pressed hard against the studio wall. “I
don’t know what you mean.”
think you do.”
words chilled Phoebe’s soul. She saw Rachael’s eyes fill with tears and she
began to tremble. From their childhood together, she knew that
straight-shooting Rachael was a terrible liar.
more rocks flared and stuttered before turning to small piles of soot, leaving only
two burning. The demon kicked at the pile of ash so that it scattered toward
moved forward and grabbed Phoebe by the arm. “The barrier is growing weaker.
Get out of here.”
me, Princess,” the demon urged her.
shoved Phoebe, pushing her toward the door, just as the statue of the angel
shuddered. White and silver dust sprinkled the ground as Galaden sucked in a
deep breath.
eyes shining with wonder, Rachael released Phoebe’s shoulder. “It can’t be. He
is coming to life, too. He’ll save us.”
felt her jaw drop as the angel spread his wings so that they spanned the room,
the feathers turning from an alabaster color to glistening cream with silver
tips. He moved slowly, his joints appearing stiff; he turned to look at the
women and the crystal blue of his irises shone when his gaze settled on
Rachael. His whole body began to pulse and glow. How could this be real?
the angel said to Rachael.

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