Her Tattooed Savior (New Adult Wrestling Erotic Romance)

Her Tattooed Savior (New Adult Wrestling Erotic Romance) by Selena Storm Read Free Book Online

Book: Her Tattooed Savior (New Adult Wrestling Erotic Romance) by Selena Storm Read Free Book Online
Authors: Selena Storm
herself look around. They appeared to be
in an office that was used more for storage than any actual work, but at least
it looked clean. She had been right, she was sitting on an old wooden desk, but
she stopped exploring the room when her eyes went back to Jay.
    In the ring, he didn’t seem at all naked in only his wrestling trunks
and boots, but when they were alone he seemed so much more bared to her. His
long hair hung over his shoulders and he was staring at her too, but Mandy let
her eyes trail over the beautiful tattoos that traced down his arms. He was so
perfect and for a second she let herself wonder what a man like him was doing
with a woman like her.
    “What’s wrong?” he asked as he moved to kiss her again. “Do you want me
to stop?”
    “No,” she shook her head before her hands went to his square jaw. “I’m
just in shock. You’re so gorgeous.”
    “So are you,” he smiled as he kissed her. His hands went to her shirt
and she didn’t stop him when he pulled it over her head, but then she
remembered the bruises that dappled her skin.
    If he noticed the marks, he was kind enough to ignore them as he kissed
down her neck and across her collarbone. His hands went to her slim waist and
pulled her towards himself as he continued to kiss her while her hands ran over
his thick black hair.
    As his fingers reached the cups of her bra she moaned in pleasure and
anticipation for what was about to come. Mandy spread her knees and Jay nestled
between them as his fingers trailed around to her back and towards the clasp of
her bra, which he undid with ease.
    “God I want you,” he growled as his fingers moved down to her leggings.
Her response was a moan, but it was enough to make his hands move quicker as he
tugged her leggings and panties down in one swift movement.
    It was her turn to undress him, and Jay continued to kiss her as
Mandy’s fingers went to his tight black wrestling trunks. He was such a big man
and she couldn’t contain her excitement to see what was hidden under his
trunks, but she never could have imagined just how impressive he truly was.
    “Oh my god,” she said as she pulled down his trunks. He was already
hard and he was bigger than any man she’d ever seen. Not that she’d seen many,
but he certainly put Ronnie to shame. His cock was big, thick, and deliciously
tan and he was hard for her.
    With his trunks down, it was like she’d freed the beast inside of him
and Jay pulled her close again. Her bum almost fell forward off the desk and
she had to hold on to him for balance, but he was strong enough to easily hold
her as his lips met hers again.
    Mandy let herself lean back on the desk as she opened her legs wider
for Jay. His hands went to her legs and pulled her closer while he teased her
with the head of his hard cock. She was so wet and ready for him as she wrapped
her legs behind his and pulled him forward to try to get him inside her, but he
continued to tease her.
    “Please,” she moaned. “I want you.”
    Jay’s eyes met hers as he finally began to push himself into her. Mandy
let out a low moan as her body struggled to accommodate his size and her
fingers dug into the muscular flesh of his arms, but Jay took her slowly and
continued to kiss her as his cock filled her.
    He filled her so completely and Mandy moaned loudly as Jay began to
thrust into her. She had to hold on to his shoulders as he began to pick up
speed and her body shuddered as pleasure overtook her.
    Jay’s hand went to her breast and he rolled her nipple between his
thumb and forefinger as he continued to rhythmically thrust with his hips.
Mandy moaned louder as he took her other nipple between his lips and her
fingers went to his hair as she squeezed him with her legs in an effort to pull
him even deeper inside her.
    His fingers released her nipple and then found their way to the pearl
of her pleasure that was nestled between the silky folds of her sex. Mandy
hissed with pleasure as Jay touched his

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