Her Tattooed Savior (New Adult Wrestling Erotic Romance)

Her Tattooed Savior (New Adult Wrestling Erotic Romance) by Selena Storm Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Her Tattooed Savior (New Adult Wrestling Erotic Romance) by Selena Storm Read Free Book Online
Authors: Selena Storm
thumb to her sensitive nub and began to
lightly stroke it while he continued moving himself in and out of her.
    “I want you to come,” Jay growled in her ear before he nipped at her
skin. “Come for me.”
    It wasn’t hard for her to fulfil his request as he so expertly brought
her pleasure to a peak. Mandy moaned deeply as her body shuddered hard and
tensed around Jay’s cock. Her fingers scratched along his back as she came, but
Jay didn’t release her clit until she was panting from the force of her orgasm.
    “God, you’re sexy,” Jay groaned as he began to thrust harder into her
limp and exhausted body. Mandy could only manage small, clipped moans of
pleasure as Jay claimed her, but when he came deep inside her, she purred as
she felt his hot seed spill within her.
    When he finished, Jay almost collapsed on top of her, but he caught
himself before he could. Mandy raised her fingers to his face and gently kissed
him as he slowly pulled himself from her. He had been almost forceful in his
animalistic lovemaking, but when they’d finished, Jay pulled her into his arms
and kissed her as she felt the trail of his cum slide down her leg.
    “I think we need to clean up,” Mandy giggled as Jay helped her down
from the desk.
    “Fuck it,” Jay smiled at her as he kissed her again. “Who’s going to
know it was us?”
    “You’re rotten,” she swatted him, but the idea of leaving their mess
made her feel so naughty that she didn’t argue as they dressed and snuck back
out of the secluded office.
    Somehow it seemed no one had come across them while they’d been in the
office and Jay helped Mandy hobble down to the entrance of the stadium where
his bike was waiting.
    “Don’t you have stuff to do here?” she asked as she kissed his cheek.
    “Nope,” he smiled. “All done here, and we have to get moving early in
the morning. I’m sure Iva will have lots for you to do and you’ll need to get
to work pretty early.”
    “Wait, so we could have just gone back to the hotel?” Mandy asked as
she put on the helmet Jay had given her.
    “And spoil the fun?” Jay asked her as he kissed her hand. “Besides, we
can go for round two. If you’re up for it.”
    “Definitely,” Mandy nodded and wrapped her hands around Jay’s waist as
she got on the bike.
    The ride back to the hotel was short, but Mandy couldn’t stop from
thinking about the change her life seemed to be crashing through in only two
short days. She’d gotten herself a new job, hopefully one she’d keep, and
somehow had made plans to travel the country with a professional wrestling
company. She’d be leaving Ronnie behind, hopefully far behind, and had met
someone new. Someone new that she hoped wouldn’t turn out to be a fling, but as
that thought entered her mind she let her fingers hold on just a little tighter
to Jay’s stomach.
    Fling or not, she was along for the ride. She couldn’t say for sure
what the future might bring, but for once in her life she was excited to see
where the wind might take her.

    Jay and Mandy’s story is continued in Her
Tattooed Fighter
    ( now available
on Amazon )

Selena Storm

    Selena grew up in Churchill, Manitoba though she currently lives in
Toronto. She loves to live out her fantasies on paper and occasionally with the
right people.
    Selena spends most of her days writing erotica and hanging out with her
bearded dragon, Rufus. You can follow her on twitter @ Selena_Storm . You can find her books on Amazon and follow her releases through her mailing list .

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