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Book: His by Brenda Rothert Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brenda Rothert
Tags: HIS
morning. I’d rather do that than give back the money that’s tucked safely away with Bean and Bethy at the hotel.
    I finger-comb my hair the best I can and head out of the bedroom and down the open staircase. The smell of bacon in the air leads me into the kitchen, where Andrew is sitting at the table, wearing a gray T-shirt and reading something on a laptop.
    “Morning,” he says, picking up a mug of coffee and taking a drink. “There’s bacon and eggs and coffee if you’re hungry.”
    I fill the plate he left on the counter. There’s so much food. I feel a stab of sadness that I’m about to eat this while Bethy and Bean are hungry. At least they have the money now, and maybe they’ll even order room service before they leave the room.
    Reminded of the deal we made, I clear my throat as I sit down at the table.
    “So . . . I was thinking that we still have some time for . . . you know . If you want me to . . .”
    He furrows his brow. Those dark reading glasses really work on him. His vibrant blue eyes stare back at me.
    “No, what?”
    I cock my head and arch my brows with impatience. “Suck your dick. Do you want me to suck your dick?”
    His slight, smug smile tells me he just wanted to make me say it.
    “That’s okay.”
    “Do you not like me?” I ask defensively. “Is it because I’m a virgin?”
    “I like you very much, and no, it’s not.” He glances at my plate. “Eat. I have something to discuss with you.”
    I bite into a piece of bacon, waiting.
    “I’ve been thinking,” he starts.
    “You want the money back. And I get that, because I didn’t—”
    He stops me. “No. Just eat and let me talk, would you?”
    My stomach unclenches. He said no. He doesn’t want the money back.
    “I have a proposal,” he says, closing his computer screen. “I like you, Quinn. You intrigue me far more than most women do. And you could use a hand getting on your feet. I’d like to contract you to live with me for six months. I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars a month.”
    My forkful of eggs falls from my hand, and the utensil clatters against the plate. He wants to pay me how much ?
    I clear my throat and pick up my fork. “I’m sorry, I’m not understanding. Contract me? For what?”
    He gestures from himself to me. “For this. Like last night, but longer term.”
    “Oh. So . . . sex?”
    The corners of his eyes crinkle as he smiles. “Hopefully. But I won’t force you.”
    I rub my temples, overwhelmed and confused. “But . . . I was awful. We didn’t do anything. Don’t you want . . . you know, a pro?”
    He shrugs. “Like I said, I like you. You’re genuine. You don’t kiss my ass. And you don’t think I’m going to fall in love and marry you. You’re a pragmatist, like me.”
    I exhale deeply. “I don’t know.”
    “You don’t know if you’d rather stay on the streets or live here?” His slightly offended tone rankles me.
    “I’m responsible for someone.”
    “Who? Your sibling?”
    I wrinkle my face in a glare. “None of your business.”
    “Whomever it is, I’d think that sort of money would help. I’ll pay you up front for the first month.”
    Ten thousand dollars. That kind of cash could do more than provide a warm place for Bean and Bethy to sleep. I could do a better job of hiding her from the people looking for us. I could afford a safer place than the streets and tunnels. She could eat well. Maybe even take some classes to catch up on what she’s missed in school.
    But we’d be apart. The thought crushes me. Bethy’s been by my side for more than four years. She’s a part of me.
    “I need to talk about it with . . . someone,” I say.
    “Give me your word it’s not a man.” Andrew’s voice holds tension now. “I’m not doing this if the money goes to your boyfriend.”
    “Didn’t we do this last night?” I fire back. “There’s no man. I’m talking about the person I’m responsible for.”
    After a pause, he asks, “How long do you need to

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