His Greatest Pain

His Greatest Pain by Jenika Snow Read Free Book Online

Book: His Greatest Pain by Jenika Snow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenika Snow
length press to her slit, Lauren wrapped her arms around his neck, thrust her
breasts against the hardness of his chest, and was now the one kissing him
brutally. It was like a floodgate was opened and all of her passion, desire,
and need for Ace came bursting through.
    Never breaking the kiss, Ace grabbed his cock,
placed the tip at her entrance, and with her back still to the wall pressed his
erection all the way inside of her in one fluid move. Lauren had to stop the
kiss and gasp at the feel of being stretched so fully by him. Big, long, and
thick were all perfect words to describe him. When he started thrusting in
powerful strokes, Lauren knew she would come within minutes.
    “Christ, baby,” he panted against the side of
her neck and never stopped pumping in and out of her. “Yeah. That’s it, Poppy. That is so fucking it.” He grunted and groaned against her.
Their flesh was already becoming slick with their combined perspiration, and
she held onto his shoulders tighter as he became frantic in his motions.
    “You’re stretching me so good, Ace.” The words
spilled out of her on their own.
    “You feel so fucking good ,
baby.” He scraped his teeth along her neck, and a shiver worked its way through
her whole body before taking root in her clit. Every time he thrust into her
the base of his erection rubbed the hard bundle of nerves and had her silently
crying out.
    “God. Ace.”
good, baby. You’re so fucking tight and hot, and so damn
wet for me.” He took control of her mouth with his once more, but this time it
was a sloppy, heated, and almost angry kiss. “You’re all for me, only me, Poppy,” he murmured against her
    She tugged at his hair, loved the dampness at
his scalp because he was fucking her so hard. “I’m only yours.” She didn’t know
why she’d said that, even if she meant it. This could be the very worst thing
they did, but she hoped not, hoped it didn’t screw things up.
    “Yeah, you are,” he said. He moved backward an
inch, maybe to go to the bedroom, but what ended up happening was far from
that. He continued to move backward, until his back was now pressed against the
opposite wall, holding her weight up effortlessly. This was the most erotic
experience she had ever had. She’d been with other guys, two to be precise, but
they had been during high school, both big mistakes. This experience was so
different because she loved Ace so much.
    Neither of them could control themselves, and
as the temperature in the hallway rose, their bodies grew wetter from sweat,
and their touches became painfully good, she knew she’d come harder than she
ever had.
    With his cock still buried inside of her and
his mouth on hers, he moved them away from the wall once more. Lauren knew she
had to be hurting him by digging her nails into his back, but all he did was
grunt against her mouth, tighten his hold on her ass, and fuck her harder. Then
he slid to the ground with her still in his arms.
    With her legs on either side of him now,
straddling his narrow hips and placing her hands flat on his chest, Lauren
immediately started riding him. Up and down, faster and harder she rode him
until her breasts were bouncing almost painfully, and all Ace did was stare at
them with this hooded expression and clench his fingers into her ass.
    “You have the biggest, most mouthwatering tits
I have ever seen.” He still had his hands on her ass, and when he spread the
cheeks, slipped his fingers between them, and touched her anus, everything
inside of her tightened. “That’s it, come, baby ,
because I want to see you so fucking unhinged you can’t even see straight.” He
looked at her then, his lips parted, his pupils dilated. “I want to see you let
go because of me.”
    And just like that she was coming.

was going to come really fucking hard. His gaze was glued to the sight of
Lauren’s breasts bouncing up and down as she rode the hell out of his cock.

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