His Work Wife

His Work Wife by Sapphire James Read Free Book Online

Book: His Work Wife by Sapphire James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sapphire James
in my g-string and a tank top. That worked like a charm. Sometimes, I would prop my foot up on the couch and give him that look that meant, “Yeah, nigga, eat this pussy and eat it like you missed it!” Oh trust, I had my ways of getting dick when I wanted it.
    The more I rode him, the more infuriated I became, not noticing I had picked up the pace and had zoned out. Ty’s dick began to swell inside of me and my fountain started to saturate him once more. Before I knew it, we were cumming together.
    “Oh fuuuuuck… I’m bout to cum,” he growled.
    “Yeah? Me too, baby. Look me in my eyes and tell me you love me while we cum!” I demanded.
    “I.... L… love you,” he grunted.
    I slapped his ass. “Louder! I want to hear you say it louder!”
    “Fuck! I love this puss-yyyyy!!!!” he yelled as he released his hot seed inside of my contracting walls.
    I smirked as I got off his dick. Ty laid there with a look of disbelief on his face.
    “Damn! You ain’t rode it like that for a minute! That pussy was superb,” he complimented. “You were made to fit me like a glove, girl.”
    Tuh! He didn’t even realize what he’d said. I was MADE to fit him like a glove.
    “Really?! I was made to fit you like a glove??? Well, how’s about you remember that next time you fucking your work wife?!!! That bitch pussy will never fit you like mine!”
    I knew what I did would not keep him from Kadeema, but I wanted to remind him of what he has at home. You damn right I had a point to prove! He wanted sex every day? I could give him that! I didn’t care if I had to hop on it two, three times a day. I’d do it. As a matter of fact, my cat could be dragging to the floor, but if he wanted to fuck, that was just what we were going to do. I mean, it shouldn’t have been a problem since he said he was no longer going to be involved with Kadeema’s funky ass. He had one time to tell me he wasn’t in the mood and there was going to be some damn problems.
    Chapter Seven: Tyrone
    I had fucked up something terrible. I hated to see Presley cry, especially when it was because of me and my shit. My affair with Kadeema had taken a toll on my family and it wasn’t right. They didn’t do anything to deserve this. Shit, I was supposed to be the one to love and protect them. Instead, I had become the monster in Presley’s nightmares. All because I wanted to fuck a bitch from the job.
    I loved Presley. She had my heart. When I met her, I didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I had no job or money, but she loved me anyway. She made me a better man. The day a nigga’s eyes began to sweat at the thought of her beauty inside and out, was the day I decided she would become Mrs. Tyrone Chambers.
    From the moment I saw her beautiful smile, bronze colored skin, and fat ass, I was in awe of her. I never believed in that soul mate shit until I was blessed with one.
    Sure, things hadn’t been perfect between us, but nobody’s shit was without bumps. No matter what, I loved this damn woman.  I fell more in love with her the day she blessed me with Tyler. My own little mini-me. Presley already had Darren when I met her, and I loved him like he was my own. Darren was a delight. So when I met her, I knew we would have beautiful babies if it were to happen ever.
    Why was I cheating on her? I guess I could come up with a million and one excuses, but the real answer was because I could. It was just that simple.  I had done little shit before and she would stay mad for a few days. Well, until I took her on a shopping spree and then all was forgotten. Well, maybe she didn’t forget, but for the moment, all was forgiven.
    This time was different. Presley was different. She was fighting for me, for us. But my ungrateful ass didn’t care. I should be glad she still loved me enough to fight for me, but I was so far gone up Kadeema’s ass, it just didn’t matter.
    From the first time I saw Kadeema, I wanted her. I knew she had a

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