Hot Demon in the City (Latter Day Demons Book 1)

Hot Demon in the City (Latter Day Demons Book 1) by Connie Suttle Read Free Book Online

Book: Hot Demon in the City (Latter Day Demons Book 1) by Connie Suttle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Connie Suttle
work together at News Eighty-Two. Mike went to that bar again tonight and was thrown out again. He called Rick and now they're both going back down there. I have a bad feeling about this. Will you call Mike and tell him that Vann has an emergency or something, just to get him and Rick out of there?"
    "What the hell are they thinking?" I snapped, sitting up and causing my head to pound from the sudden movement. "Do you know if they're already there?"
    "According to the app on my cell phone, they are. They're just not answering."
    "Fuck," I said. "Look, keep trying to call. If the app shows they've moved, call me. I'll see what I can do from here."
    "Thank you." Farin was crying, now.
    Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck .
    I hadn't used my ability to skip in a while. Sending mindspeech to Anita to let her know where I was going, I skipped to Clawdia's Bar.
    * * *
    "Dude, that guy you drove to the bar is back again, for the second time tonight," Watson reported. "This time, he brought the weatherman from channel Eighty-Two with him."
    "Then get him out of there," I said.
    "That's not all," Watson hissed. "Some of Granger's vamps just showed up. They overheard the humans asking questions. Now, maybe you don't know much about Granger, but he gets real paranoid when humans start asking about vamp fights. I'm not sure these two will be found alive if they walk out the door."
    I swore in my native language, which left Watson completely baffled and asking for an explanation.
    "I'll be there in a minute," I snapped and ended the call.
    * * *
    I didn't expect Anita to be waiting outside the bar for me, but she was. I shouldn't be surprised—her kind could fold space.
    "This is a supe bar," she whispered when I appeared.
    Supe —supernatural. I wasn't surprised at all.
    "I'm glad you're here," I straightened my tee and smoothed my hair back. "We may need your mojo to get these guys away from here."
    "I'd be happy to make that suggestion," she nodded. "Let's go get 'em."
    The bouncer at the door knew we weren't human when we walked in—the loud breath he drew was a telling indication. Uncle Sal taught me that years ago—to read the signs. This one was a werewolf; he didn't have a vamp vibe.
    Except for the music, the bar hushed when Anita and I walked in. Everyone started talking again the moment we stood beside Mike and Rick's table, frowning down at them.
    "Who gave you the shiner?" Rick drawled.
    "You know, I like your sister a helluva lot more than you," I snapped. "We have to get you out of here," I added.
    "You'll come," Anita worked her mojo. Both men stood up, which drew the attention of everyone in the bar, including the vamps in the corner.
    How did I know they were vamps?
    They all had full beer glasses in front of them. They weren't even pretending to drink.
    Read the signs.
    "Come on," I grabbed Mike's arm while Anita took Rick's. We have eyes on us , I sent to Anita. Vamps in the corner booth , I added.
    Then let's go out the back way , she suggested. Through the ladies' room .
    Yeah. I think you're right . The vamps had stood the moment it looked as if we were about to haul both human men out of the bar.
    One of them hissed when we herded our charges down the hall toward the restrooms. I figured we had minutes at best before the fanged and clawed came after us. I regretted not buying the knife I'd considered after the attack in the parking lot.
    "Why are we going in here?" Mike asked when I hauled him through the ladies' room door.
    "Shut up," Anita hissed while dragging Rick farther in. I wanted to laugh—there was a baby changing station folded up on one wall. It must have been part of state law or something—I couldn't imagine anybody in a supe bar needed a changing station.
    "I'll get us out of here," Anita began before the restroom door hit the adjoining wall so hard it cracked.
    Six vamps attempted to crowd in while Anita folded space, dragging all of us with her.
    * * *
    Mason insisted on coming

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