Indecent Revenge

Indecent Revenge by Jennifer Riley Read Free Book Online

Book: Indecent Revenge by Jennifer Riley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Riley
                                Indecent Revenge
    After having a quiet moment, refreshing her head from rising dizziness and fixing her make-up, Cathy came back into the hall. The party was just warming up, celebrating the merge of private limited company with J.I.L. Corporation, the giant they could not live without anymore. She thought she was ready for anything now: the never-ending attention, the queue of drinks just for her and dancing until she could not stand on her feet anymore. She made herself perfect tonight from top to toes and was ready to show those J.I.L. people how welcome she was. Yet, what destiny had prepared for her – that much-unexpected turn of fate - she did not see that coming.
    As Cathy was crossing the hall, incidentally looked to the left and that is when she saw him - David Callaghan, her ex-boyfriend. He was standing few metres away, surrounded by his colleagues and seemed to be in the middle of serious discussion.
    It seemed like for a moment Cathy’s legs gave up on her. Suddenly all lost and distracted, Cathy searched for Maggie, her colleague and roommate.
    “Look at those guys from J.I.L. Corporation, particularly the one with dark blue tie and fancy hair,” she whispered to Maggie.
    “He’s gorgeous. I’d say, go for it ,” whispered Maggie back, spying the man considerably.
    “No, he’s my ex. What shall I do now?”
    “What? I must admit, he is yummy. Go and say hello.”
    “No, no, we had a pretty harsh breakup. I want to get out of here. Will you be alright getting home all by yourself?”
    “Don’t be silly. When did you date him?”
    “T hat would be ten or eleven years ago.”
    “What? Why you want to run away now? Cathy, I suggest to look at it my way,” started Maggie assuredly. “How many opportunities did you have to meet him, or any other ex, just bumping into him at street, absolutely by chance, with you hairs messed up, faded make-up or ridiculous shirt on? Worse, it could happen in the middle of a very bad day, on the skyscraper of problems with your nerves all over the planet. Now, many chances can one have to meet the ex, with an amazing hairdo, perfect make-up and designer dress on. Tonight is your night, girl. Go and show him.”
    “I’m... kind of... worried ,” Cathy mumbled.
    “You have nothing to worry about. You are successful, smart and you look perfect. Show him what he has lost.”
    “You are right. Yeah, I have nothing to worry about.”
    “You go girl!”
    “I don’t wear ridiculous shirts,” Cathy added and, gathered all her courage, went towards her ex.
    She stopped on the half way just to have a second look at her reflection in the large window and make sure she looks fine. Just as she turned back, her ex was not there anymore. Cathy searched in the crowd with her eyes, thinking that probably that is for better, when she heard his voice just beside her.
    “I wanted to ask if I could buy you a drink, but the bar is free, so, risking making quite a foolish impression can just get you one?”
    Cathy stared at him, all numb from the surpr ise. None of “how have you been” or “so nice to see you” formalities? Those, at least, sound friendlier than some general flirting line.
    “OK,” said Dav id after decently long silence. “Sorry to disturb you, miss.”
    He politely turned to walk away.
    “Cosmopolitan” swiftly replied Cathy, not sure, what is going on or what should she do next.
    David stopped, turned back at her and smiled.
    “Cosmopolitan it is. It won’t take a moment.”
    As she watched him walking towards the bar, Cathy wanted to bang her head to the wall. No matter how perfect her hairdo or make-up was or how flattering she looked in her custom-made dress, nothing could make her feel self-confident and prepared to talk to David Cavanaugh.
    She quickly headed to the exit, hoping to disappear in the crowd on the way and unnoticed vanish from the party. Just as she put on her coat

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