Into the Pride (Nuuba Pride Shifters #1) by Michelle Monkou

Into the Pride (Nuuba Pride Shifters #1) by Michelle Monkou by Michelle Monkou Read Free Book Online

Book: Into the Pride (Nuuba Pride Shifters #1) by Michelle Monkou by Michelle Monkou Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle Monkou
beautiful woman. There was no rationale for why he was falling for this mysterious lady. Right now, he wouldn’t bother to figure out the reason. He took a deep breath and let go to freefall with her into a moment filled with passion and no regrets.
    He groaned once more. She gave as good as she got. Her hand responded with a hard squeeze around his cock every time his thumb slid across her flesh. She played rough and he savored her tight clenches of his balls.
    The more he tasted her, the more he wanted. His mouth ravaged her breast, licking and sucking each mound, her tight nipples saved for last.
    He covered her hand with his and showed her how to pump his engorged shaft. The way she stared at his cock, the blush of her smile, her fingers claiming what was clearly hers, it all melded into a heady pleasurable torture.
    Without warning, her hands left his cock to roam through his hair and he almost cried for the loss around his sensitive flesh. To punish her, he beat each nipple with his tongue, flicking their tips before sucking and pulling them hard.
    Her soft cry echoed.
    “I want you to undress.” He could barely talk.
    Shirt and bra sailed through the air. She looked at him, waiting. Her shyness took over as her arms crossed over her chest. David shook his head. Gently, he removed one hand, kissing the tips of her fingers, before removing the other hand.
    “You’re beautiful. Don’t hide your body.”
    “Well, it’s not as if I’m used to this.” Her words tumbled out in half-whispers, half-giggles.
    “You are a virgin?” He only asked to make sure that he didn’t scare or push her.
    She shook her head slowly. “Once.” She bit her lip. Her eyes didn’t meet his.
    He didn’t have to see her expression to hear torture behind the confession. “It sucks that you didn’t enjoy your first and only time. Sex is beautiful. It’s more than the need for air, food, or shelter. Sex is in our blood, giving life meaning and pleasure. There is no place for shame.” He gently tilted her chin. “Today, we’ll fuck. Tomorrow … we’ll fuck some more. You’ll see. There will be nothing to regret.” He waited for her response.
    She nodded, her wide smile in place.
    Reassured that she was willing, he kissed her, not holding back on the intensity. Again, the need to breathe made him pause. “I’ll honor your body with my kisses. I’ll kneel before you and suck your nectar like it is honey on my tongue. I’ll fuck you until you cream and climax like an eruption.”
    “You are talking funny.” Her smile lit up her face already radiant from blushing.
    “Here’s something plain and simple. I will make returning to that sisterhood of yours pretty damned difficult.”
    “You’re arrogant,” she whispered.
    “Genuine,” he corrected.
    She licked her lips. “I want to make it difficult for you to forget me.” She slid down before him. “So, I will suck you until you climax.” She took her time untying his boots, pulling down his pants, basically driving him crazy out of his mind.
    Damned she had a power grip. Her hands pinned his hips. Fingers dug into his ass. No chance of retreating. Her mouth slid over his shaft. But there was no fucking way that he’d want to retreat.
    He roared, tortured. Every part of him felt like he’d stepped on a field of firecrackers and touched an electric socket all at the same time. Her tongue snaked along his cock like a second skin.
    Oh! Teeth clenched. Coherent speech was out of the question. Screaming or roaring, definite options. His fingers curled into fists, struggling to hold on. The climb to the peak grew steeper with a drop off into delirium at any moment.
    She milked him. Curses continued to fly out of his mouth. Maybe, fly out of his mind. Still she didn’t stop. Thank goodness.
    Her mouth and tongue were in a devilish partnership, working hard to fine-tune his instrument. And now he was ready to play. As much as he didn’t want to draw away from her eager

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