Island Idyll

Island Idyll by Jess Dee Read Free Book Online

Book: Island Idyll by Jess Dee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jess Dee
Tags: Erótica, Romance, Literature & Fiction, Contemporary, Romantic
rest of her sentence was unintelligible.
    Sienna released him, just long enough to mutter, “Keep watching them,” and then her mouth was back, consuming him, delighting him, tempting and teasing, rousing and inflaming.
    He didn’t drop his gaze this time. Watched the couple as they watched the dolphins, sat with his ass plastered to the seat, incapable of movement. Christ, her mouth. It wrenched a groan from deep in his gut, a loud, rasping noise he couldn’t control.
    The man turned to look at him, his face scrunched in silent question.
    Ah, fuck! Caught.
    A wave of heat hit him in the stomach, sending goose bumps all the way down his spine. Jesus, why did that thought turn him on so damn much?
    Again, he raised his arm, now so heavy with desire he could hardly move it, and pointed to the ocean. “Dolphins,” he mouthed. Comprehensive speech was simply not possible.
    The man smiled and nodded. Josh smiled and nodded. But not in response to the man. In response to the molten mouth that devoured him, delighted him, fucking dazed him. And to the hand that caressed his testicles, held them, molded them slowly to the shape of her palm.
    His balls swelled and tautened. The muscles in his thighs turned rigid. Sienna tightened her mouth, suctioning harder on his dick.
    The man gave him a funny look.
    “Dolphins,” Josh mouthed again with a smile, then threw his head back, opened his mouth, closed his eyes and exploded between Sienna’s lips.
    His orgasm tore through his body, rocking him, shaking him. Wad after wad of come spurted onto her velvety tongue, and not once did she release him. Her muscles worked around his shaft as she swallowed, dragging even more semen from him.
    He didn’t have any more to give. Couldn’t, not after his first orgasm. Yet the convulsions continued, shudders wracking his shoulders.
    Holy fuck. He was so sensitive. Too sensitive. Couldn’t take any more of her torturous caresses. Her mouth…
    As if sensing his predicament, she pulled off him with a slow, wet slurp, placed a kiss on his thigh and purred softly.
    Inch by inch Josh came back to himself. Reality returned. His neck muscles relaxed and he straightened, opened his eyes and stared across the balcony at the open-mouthed expression of the man. The woman stood beside him, oblivious, as she gazed out at the ocean.
    “Dolphins,” Josh said again. He smiled dazedly and dropped forward to kiss the hidden Sienna full on the mouth.
    Just as soon as he’d built up a modicum of energy, they were going to switch places.

Chapter Six
    Sienna stood outside the exclusive, trendy Bar Evoke, leaning against the back of a bench in the exquisite gardens. Flowers blossomed everywhere she looked, their sweet, fresh scent tingeing the air.
    Josh had gone back to his apartment to clean up and change, but he’d left with specific instructions to meet here, outside, so they could walk in together. He’d wanted to come back to her room to collect her, but Sienna had reckoned that was a seriously bad idea. If he came anywhere near her bed, they would not make the party. She had to make the party. She’d yet to see Mack and Aidan, and she was dead keen to meet Kylie’s men.
    Sienna breathed deep of the briny, humid air. The moonless night was thick and warm. Her tiny excuse for a cocktail dress already clung to her damp, just-showered flesh.
    The bench Josh had chosen was situated away from the lamps that lit the path. It was the perfect place for a not-so-quick hello before heading indoors. Sienna stood behind it, impatiently awaiting his arrival.
    Her heart drummed wildly. Ridiculous she should feel like this, especially so soon after her break-up with Ben, but just thinking about Josh took her breath away. They’d connected today. Connected as a man and woman. Connected sexually, yes, but it went deeper than that. Perhaps it was their shared past that made their communicating so easy, so natural. There seemed to be no shortage of things to discuss.

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