Jake's Thief

Jake's Thief by A.C. Katt Read Free Book Online

Book: Jake's Thief by A.C. Katt Read Free Book Online
Authors: A.C. Katt
Tags: gay romance
but they do know we’re talking about the situation.”
    “What do we do about this? They are so much better at it than we are. Most of us couldn’t find our ass with two hands when it came to loving our subs. Except Bear, most of us had to be dragged to love kicking and screaming.” Cisco finished his rant and sighed.
    The door opened and a waiter arrived with coffee and scones.
    “Thank you Riley,” Reed dismissed the boy.
    “All of the boys have considerable talents. Let’s just leave them alone and see what happens,” Bear suggested.
    “If you think I’m going to lose cat petting privileges or some more of my old sweats because of this, you’re crazy. The minute Jamie starts cleaning—I go and beat the shit out of Jake.”
    “Agreed,” said Cisco, Caden, Gary, Reed and Tom. Bear stayed silent.
    “What about you, Bear?” Bull asked.
    “Well, Jake is a combination of the worst of all of us. He doesn’t trust easily like me. He isn’t sure he wants to love anyone like Reed waffled with Jim, but he’s excited by this Davey, more excited than he’s been in a long time, since Tom got Robbie, I think.”
    “He’s pigheaded stubborn, that must come from being a lawyer,” Gary chimed in. “At least he’s out in the open, unlike I was.”
    “Jake’s as grumpy as I am when I don’t get my own way,” said Bull, shamefaced. “Will the kid be able to handle him?”
    “I hope it doesn’t take another house burning down to fix this,” Caden said, looking very guilty.
    “Robbie didn’t think he was a sub initially, but Jake’s got a good eye. I sat with him while all of you cosseted your subs on Friday nights until Danny found me Robbie,” Tom observed.
    “I wouldn’t be so smug,” Bull said. “You almost gave Robbie a nervous breakdown.”
    Cisco cocked his head. “Jake had the boy talk to Greg last night. Greg said he didn’t have much to say, probably scared to death in my opinion. I’ll do this so Greg won’t have to become too involved—but frankly, I think Jake’s losing his mind. Signing a contract with a man who he just met and only thinks is a sub is not sound reasoning.”
    “Like I said before, Robbie didn’t think he was a sub either,” Tom reminded him.
    “True,” Cisco said.
    “Okay, are we all agreed to take this on and secretly help the boys, what do you think?”
    “Considering the sulks, the pouting, the bitchiness, the cleaning, the crying and the silence, what choice do we have? What does Robbie do to you when he’s pissed off, Tom?” Bear asked.
    “He leaves. He goes on long drives and makes me crazy because I don’t know where he is,” Tom answered.
    “Put a locator chip in his phone. It’s called The Lovers App. It pinpoints his location on a street map.”
    “That doesn’t always work. Remember, I’m a former cop. The bad guys know about the chip in the phones and throw the phones away,” Tom said with disgust.
    “I make Greg call me. If he doesn’t, I know something’s wrong. He calls or sends a text when he arrives and when he leaves, and he needs my permission to go anywhere.” Cisco said smugly.
    “Cisco, you’re dense. If Greg didn’t want you to know where he was, he’d turn off his phone and not call you—” Tom rolled his eyes “—using the same modus operandi as the criminals.”
    “I’d know because he didn’t call. He always calls, he knows I worry,” Cisco said.
    “You live in a world of delusions, Cisco, thinking the bad guys won’t get him. You’ve got boatloads of money to pay a ransom and Greg could be a target.” Tom told him.
    “I worry too, probably more than you. Brian’s already been almost raped and killed right in front of me by my enemies,” Bear said, eyes going hard. “That’s why Junior or Jim are always with him. They both have excellent combat training in offense and self-defense. He thinks Junior’s there to keep an eye on him and keep him out of mischief, but he isn’t, he’s there to protect

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