Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light

Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light by MaryJanice Davidson Read Free Book Online

Book: Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light by MaryJanice Davidson Read Free Book Online
Authors: MaryJanice Davidson
Tags: Fantasy
moon! Check it out, Jennifer—”
    It was a full moon—dusty red, large, and low on the horizon. Looking at the mysterious orb made Jennifer think of Skip again. She hadn’t considered it before, but she supposed if she had been looking at a crescent moon instead of a full one, she’d be wondering right now if Skip wasn’t sick at all—just very, very different. In the throes of his first change. Change into…what, exactly?
    Would he look like his father?
    She brushed the thought away. “So anyway, is your geometry textbook in your backpack?”
    Susan gagged. “You wanna do geometry homework on your birthday night? Cripes, Jennifer. Didn’t your parents plan anything for you? It’s not like them to forget.”
    “They didn’t forget. We celebrated up at the cabin a while ago, with cake and everything.”
    “Huh. What’d they get you?”
    Jennifer chewed her tongue again. This is so unfair. “Just, you know. Stuff. They’re kinda clueless.”
    “Well, I got you something cool.” Susan rummaged through her backpack and pulled out a small turquoise gift bag, puffed up with pink and green tissue paper.
    “Hey, thanks! But you know you didn’t have to get me anything.”
    “Oh, right. After nine consecutive birthday presents from you, I’m going to blow your fifteenth birthday off!”
    “I hope you didn’t get me anything too expensive,” Jennifer mused. She had gotten Susan a lovely coral necklace for her fifteenth birthday two months ago. It had looked more pricey than it actually was.
    “Just open it and see!”
    She reached into the tissue and pulled out…a folded piece of paper, which got Susan bouncing up and down with excitement. Jennifer unfolded it and immediately saw the words MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY at the top. Susan’s own name was filled in.
    “For my birthday you got me…your learner’s permit?”
    “Isn’t it cool???” Susan couldn’t contain herself anymore. “I can drive now! My dad or another adult has to be in the passenger seat, but I can drive I can drive I can drive!”
    “Huh. Well, that’s great!” Jennifer struggled not to betray any disappointment as she handed the permit back to her friend. “I’m really happy for you.”
    Susan looked at her for a second and then burst out laughing. “Oh come on, Jennifer! I’m not that self-involved! I just did that to mess with you. Your present’s still in the bag.”
    Jennifer exhaled heavily. “Good. Because I was going to have to kill you.”
    She reached in again and quickly found a hard surface with her fingers. Some sort of stone. Of course…the bag was a little too heavy to hold just paper. How could she have fallen for her friend’s joke?
    Pulling out the object, she whistled in appreciation.
    It was a miniature stone carving—pink marble, Jennifer guessed. The shape was a small dragon standing on its hind legs, with its wings folded tightly against its body and head bowed low. The detail was just intricate enough to make out a thoughtful pair of eyes, and a hint of a smile.
    “Oh, Susan. It’s gorgeous! Where’d you get it?”
    “Actually, um, I did it. My father does sculpture as a hobby, and he’s been teaching me.”
    Jennifer almost dropped it in surprise and then looked it over again, admiring every detail. “You? This is amazing! Susan, you’re so good!”
    Her friend blushed and looked at the carpet. “I know I haven’t said much about—you know, what you are. Since last spring. But I thought I ought to say—you know. I think it’s cool. And I hope someday, you’ll feel comfortable showing me.”
    “Oh!” It occurred to Jennifer her friend had never seen her as a dragon. Simultaneously, it occurred to her she wasn’t ready for that yet. “Yeah. Someday soon.” She winced. “Not tonight though, okay?”
    “No problem. So, you like it?”
    “I love it! Susan, it’s so thoughtful! Thank you! I’ll put it here for now—” She put it on the dresser next to Geddy’s tank.

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