Kastori Restorations (The Kastori Chronicles Book 4)

Kastori Restorations (The Kastori Chronicles Book 4) by Stephen Allan Read Free Book Online

Book: Kastori Restorations (The Kastori Chronicles Book 4) by Stephen Allan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephen Allan
    But the second one proved promising. It showed how the tanks on Nubia had worked, collecting magical energy emitted by the planet, converting it into fuel for their various machines, and then recycling it once it finished.
    “Replace the planet with our Kastori, and it’s the same idea,” Crystil said. “Maybe not as powerful, but we don’t need to run an entire planet’s worth of civilization. We just need to power some weapons.”
    “Bigger weapons,” Celeste said, looking outside. “Crystil, guns and rifles aren’t going to do it. We need to rebuild our aerial fleet.”
    Crystil grimaced, and even as someone who had never worked as an engineer, Cyrus knew building those kinds of ships couldn’t just happen in a couple of days. I think.
    “How many ships?”
    “As many as we can build as quickly as we can,” Celeste said. “We already know what Typhos can do when he created Calypsius and the Caliphae. Now that he’s alone on Anatolus and resting within the peak, he’s going to have more time to create things. If he gets to Tapuya before we do… I don’t want to imagine what kind of monsters he can create.”
    “I get it,” Crystil said, assuming her commander’s stance. “I will order our team to do what needs to be done.”
    “Use the Kastori,” Emperor Orthran said. All eyes, including Cyrus’, turned to him. “This talks about how we can embed their magic into our weapons. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also help build our weapons. It will make the process go by much quicker if we use magic to weld materials together and build weapons than relying on our slower-paced technology.”
    Cyrus smirked and pointed with a chuckle at his Pops.
    “I see now where Celeste gets her intelligence. And where I get my good looks.”
    Celeste let out a loud burst of laughter. Crystil blushed, refusing to comment. His father simply shook his head and was left speechless.
    “But seriously, that’s a good idea. I can—”
    “No, I’ll go get the Kastori,” Crystil said. “I’m overseeing the production here. If I want the Kastori’s help, I should go and get them. Cyrus. It’s OK.”
    “I’m counting on it, Crystil.”
    “You mean Celeste is counting on it,” Crystil said with a laugh, meant to tease but instead leaving Cyrus feeling a bit demeaned. “I’ll be back.”
    She left the room, jogging back to the palace.
    “She does know one of us could have teleported, right?” Cyrus asked, less with humor and more with annoyance.
    “It’s the difference of saving like twenty minutes, son,” Emperor Orthran said. “Cyrus, it’s OK.”
    “OK,” Cyrus said, preferring to let the issue go. “Celeste. I’m ready for Vostoka whenever you are.”
    His sister looked surprised, having expected Cyrus to rest some. I’m just saying this more to get out of here than I am ready to go. I should… I should just go take it easy.
    “Actually, no,” he said. “Sorry. Stressed. Go in the morning?”
    Celeste nodded, and Cyrus used the chance to take his leave. He walked out of the warehouse, took a seat on the grass, and took a deep breath.
    You’ll still be the Emperor someday. Calm down. Celeste has the most power. She’s the one who fights Typhos. She should be in charge. She should be.
    It’s just drastically different than the previous twenty or so years. No choice but to get used to it.

    The Kastori, as expected, came without complaint to the warehouse with Crystil. They did not have the strength to teleport, but they all followed her and kept pace. The sun had just begun its descent below the horizon when Crystil reached the front of the warehouse. Emperor Orthran stood talking with a serious face to a fellow soldier she immediately recognized from two years back, Garrus, a broad-shouldered man with short black hair and scars on his face from his time in slavery.
    Crystil approached slowly, waiting for an opening to speak to the Emperor. He waved

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