Keep Me

Keep Me by Anna Zaires Read Free Book Online

Book: Keep Me by Anna Zaires Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anna Zaires
Tags: Erótica, Romance, Adult, BDSM, Dark Romance, Abuse
like we’re all meeting in person . . . Yeah, we’ll connect with you in a couple of minutes.” And hanging up, she looks up at me expectantly.
    “Lucas.” I barely raise my voice, but he’s already there, carrying a laptop with a secure connection. Placing it on a windowsill, he props it up so that the little camera points at us. A minute later, the video call is established, and Gabriela Leston’s face fills the screen. Tony Leston—Nora’s father—is behind her. Both pairs of dark eyes immediately turn toward me, studying me with a peculiar mix of hostility and curiosity.
    “Mom, Dad, this is Julian,” Nora says softly, and I incline my head with a small smile. Lucas walks back to the other end of the room, leaving us alone.
    “It’s very nice to meet you both.” I purposefully keep my voice cool and steady. “I’m sure Nora has already filled you in on everything. I apologize for the speed with which this is happening, but I would love it if you could be a part of our wedding. I know it would mean a great deal to Nora to have her parents present, even if it is remotely.” There is nothing I can say to the Lestons to justify my actions or make them like me, so I don’t even try. Nora is mine now, and they will have to learn to accept that fact.
    Nora’s father opens his mouth to say something, but his wife elbows him sharply. “All right, Julian,” she says slowly, staring at me with eyes eerily similar to her daughter’s. “So you are marrying Nora. May I ask where you’re going to be living after that, and whether we’re going to see her again?”
    I smile at her. Another smart, intuitive woman. “For the first few months, we’ll probably be here, in Colombia,” I explain, keeping my tone light and friendly. “There are certain business matters that I have to take care of. After that, however, we’d be more than happy to come for a visit—or to have you visit us.”
    Gabriela nods. “I see.” The tension on her face remains, though relief briefly flickers in her eyes. “And what about Nora’s future plans? What about college?”
    “I will make sure she gets a good education and has a chance to pursue her art.” I give the Lestons a level look. “Of course, I’m sure you realize that Nora doesn’t need to worry about money anymore . N either do you. I am more than comfortable, financially, and I always take care of my own.”
    Tony Leston’s eyes narrow with anger. “You can’t buy our daughter—” he starts saying, only to be elbowed into silence again by his wife. Nora’s mother clearly has a better grasp on the situation; she realizes that this conversation could just as easily not be happening.
    I lean closer to the camera. “Tony, Gabriela,” I say quietly, “I understand your concern. However, in less than a half hour, Nora will be my wife—my responsibility. I can assure you that I will take care of her and do my best to ensure her happiness. You have nothing to worry about.”
    Tony’s jaw tightens, but he remains silent this time. It’s Gabriela who speaks next. “We would appreciate it if we could talk to her on a regular basis,” she says evenly. “To make sure she’s as happy as she seems today.”
    “Of course.” I have no problem making that concession. “Now, the ceremony is starting in a few minutes, so we need to set up a better video feed for you. It was a pleasure meeting you both,” I say politely, then close the laptop.
    Turning, I see Nora watching me with some bemusement. In the long white dress and with her hair all done, she looks like a princess—which I suppose makes me the evil dragon stealing her away.
    Inexplicably amused by the thought, I lift my hand and run my fingers down her baby-soft cheek. “Are you ready, my pet?”
    “Yes, I think so,” she murmurs, staring up at me. They did something to her eyes, those women I hired, making her eyes seem even larger and more mysterious. Her mouth also looks softer and shinier than

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