Lady In Disguise (The Langley Sisters)

Lady In Disguise (The Langley Sisters) by Wendy Vella Read Free Book Online

Book: Lady In Disguise (The Langley Sisters) by Wendy Vella Read Free Book Online
Authors: Wendy Vella
that you are home safe, my lord,” she said, again ignoring his question. “I am sure we will see nothing further of each other so I bid you good health and good day.”
    Frowning, Will watched her leave. Why would he not see her again? Was she not going to London for the season and would she not be attending any functions in the village or surrounding countryside over the Christmas period?  
    “I’ll walk you home,” he said, striding after her.
    “There is no need, Lord Ryder; I am quite capable of making my way home and have been doing so for many years. Please stay and enjoy the view as I prefer my own company.” 
  Well she couldn’t have made that any clearer, Will thought. She did not want to spend any time with him.  
    “You’re hurting and upset, what sort of gentleman would allow a woman in that state to walk home alone? Not to mention that the lemon and honey people could attack at any moment.”
    She stopped at the gate and looked up at him. It wasn’t a glare as such, but pretty close to his mind. Excellent. She still had some fighting spirit. Keeping his expression pleasant he reached around her and pushed the gate open and then motioned for her go through.
    Livvy had realized one thing when she looked up into Will’s eyes for the first time in five years; he was still the most handsome man she had ever met. Her heart thudded in her chest, her palms grew damp and her stomach was doing silly little flutters. He’d always had that effect on her, only now she resented him for it.  
    He still unsettled her and at that moment in time she wanted to slap him, hard. She hated that he had the freedom only a man could have and that he was supported by the comfort and wealth of his family, but more importantly she was angry because once she had loved him and he had walked away from her without a backward glance. She could not lay the blame for what happened to her family at his door, yet when she had needed him most he had not been there for her and she would never forgive him for that no matter how unreasonable she was being.
    Looking away from the intensity of his grey gaze, Livvy realized that while he had been handsome before, in a boyish way, he was even more so now. His once long black curls were cropped short and although his face did not have the classic elegance of some, it was commanding, with high cheekbones and a long angular jaw that seemed more prominent than she remembered. His skin was tanned and he had lost the look of the idle, pampered nobleman. Even his body was now solid and muscled, his broad shoulders defined by the lines of the jacket. There was an aura of strength about him that had not been there before.  
    “You said we would not see each other again, Olivia, yet surely you will attend the Twoaks Derby and the social events over the next few weeks? And what of the London season, it is due to start in a few months, are you not in attendance this year?”
    His long strides easily kept up with her as she walked down the hill and into the woods below. Be nice, Livvy, speak calmly and this will be over shortly. You had to see him some time, now is as good as any. Once this meeting is over then she need never see him again, or at the very least she could take steps to avoid him.  
    “Yes, of course,” Livvy muttered, not wanting to discuss the fact she had never had a season in London.  
    “And are you backing Jaccob Bell in the Derby again this year, Olivia?” The breath left her body as he lifted her easily over a fallen stump and replaced her gently back on the ground on the other side.
    “Please don’t touch me.” Lord, she was breathless from that brief contact, she needed to get away from this man, he was far too disturbing.
    “Once you liked me touching you.”
    “Once I was foolish and gullible, I am far from that now!” Livvy snapped and instantly wished she hadn’t because she had no intention of alerting him to her feelings towards

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