Leashed by a Wolf

Leashed by a Wolf by Cherie Nicholls Read Free Book Online

Book: Leashed by a Wolf by Cherie Nicholls Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cherie Nicholls
    “But dude.”
    It was just too shameful watching two grown naked men standing there speaking in one-word sentences. Laney moved forward and tapped Wall on the shoulder.
    “Hey Wall.” Laney knew most of the shifters standing around, if not to speak to, then to say good morning to. Wall had been in the garage on more than one occasion for parts for his souped-up car.
    “Hey Laney-girl, what you doing out here?” Wall smiled at her.
    “I was kinda planning on spending time with Heath, but if you guys already have plans I can always come back.” Laney gave him her best sweet smile as she ignored the low, quiet growl behind her.
    “Really?” Wall smiled again. “You like football, right? You can come watch with us. Heath won’t mind,” Wall said as he dropped an arm around Laney’s shoulders.
    The low growl behind her turned deeper and louder, causing all the shifters to stop their own conversations and look at what had caused the aggression from their Alpha.
    Laney rolled her eyes as she felt Wall stiffen and turn wide eyes on his Alpha. Heath had dropped his chin to his chest, his eyes that of his wolf’s. The growl grew as the Alpha stepped closer to Laney.
    Slowly Wall raised his arm away from Laney and backed off. The entire time he kept his gaze on the ground. Laney watched as Heath moved closer to her; reaching out, he took her hand and pulled until she was standing behind him, hidden by his height and broad shoulders.
    Laney’s first reaction was to slap his butt and walk away, but even she could feel the tension radiating from the group. She didn’t want to call any more attention to the fact that they had a nonshifter standing there than she had to.
    “My Alpha,” Wall said before Laney heard him move farther away from them.
    Heath’s growl went deeper still for a second before it stopped and he stood straight again.
    There was a stilted silence in the moments afterwards until Wall broke it with a disgruntled, “Dude, the game!”
    “Oh my Lord! Men are so simple sometimes!” Clara shouted as she reached up and smacked Wall around the head.
    Laney tried to step out from behind Heath but he held her back.
    She looked up at the side of his head and glared. “Yo! You can let me go now.” She tried to pull out of his grip but Heath held tight, not tight enough to hurt, but enough to keep her in place.
    He didn’t acknowledge she had even spoken. Laney looked over at Clara with a wide-eyed look that said save your brother before I kill him .
    “Hey Laney, you should come by the pack house this weekend. We’re having one of our barbecues,” Clara said as she walked over to them.
    “Pack house?” Laney asked as she again tried to pull out of Heath’s grip. One eyebrow raised, he was still watching the rest of the males in the group, daring them to say anything. All except Wall looked anywhere but at him. Wall was still moaning loudly about having to watch the game on the small screen.
    “Yeah, it’s where the rest of us live. My brother too, when he’s not dragging poor innocent girls off to have his dirty disgusting way with them,” Clara said matter-of-factly.
    “Hmm, interesting, so sort of like a cult then,” Laney said, trying to pry Heath’s fingers off her hand.
    “We are not a cult!” Heath yelled as he finally looked away from the other males to glare down at her.
    “Yes, well, we prefer pack to cult,” Clara said as she looked pointedly down at the hand still wrapped around Laney’s wrist. Heath looked at his sister, then in the direction of her gaze. His frown deepened as he glanced over at the other males again before he finally released Laney.
    “Thank you!” Laney sighed as she rubbed her arm.
    “Okay, dudes let’s move out, there’s a game to watch,” Wall called to the group. “On a small screen,” he moaned.
    The Alpha shook his head as he crossed his arms over his chest.
    Laney stood with Clara as they watched the others head back into the trees and

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